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How to Become a Freelancer

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Welcome to “Becoming a Freelancer.” This course is for anyone who is looking for a side-hustle or even a full time job as a self-employed, self-directed freelance worker. As you’ll see in the course, the term freelancer can span many different types of jobs. Most of these can be done from home, but you should be creative and flexible to accept positions wherever they may be.

This class is targeted at beginners and those who are new to the freelancing world. If you have some knowledge of being a freelancer and may be looking to expand your reach, I think you might get something out of this class, too.

This class is produced by CSB Academy Publishing in cooperation with Sylvia Powell. Sylvia has created her own stable freelancing empire, earning over 6 figures a year working from home – on her own terms. In this course, you will learn how Sylvia came to be able to be a self-employed entrepreneur by working as a freelancer. You will learn: • How to find out what job you want to do as a freelancer • How to create a plan that works to find clients • Exactly where and how to find freelancer jobs • Tips for how to stand out among the crowd of other freelancers • Practical advice for keeping clients and maintaining a steady flow of work This class is more than just tips and tricks. The goal is to provide real-world strategies for finding and keeping freelance jobs that work best for you.

Course overview - 5

  • Lesson 1: Finding Yourself

  • Lesson 2: Finding Work

  • Lesson 3: Standing Out

  • Lesson 4: Keeping Work Going

  • Conclusion: What have we learned?

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