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How to be prepared to start your own business

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How to be prepared to start your own business

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In this amazing course we are going to discuss things that you can't easily find online. We are going to see all the key elements that you need to have in mind before starting your own business. This is not a course that will be focused on how to just earn your first money. This is a mentoring mainly course which will give you all the information that you need in order to start your own business by decreasing your risk and will armour you with the right mentality the one that will help you during difficult times.

So, this is a course that is so different than the alike. Jump into and armour yourself with the powers that you need in order to succeed as a new entrepreneur!

Course Overview

  • 1. The true entrepreneurship background

Andreas Karaoulanis
Created by
Andreas Karaoulanis
I am a multi facet professional with many years of experience in 10+ industries all in managerial and C- suit positions. My expertise is in strategy, management, company culture, sales, operations and business administration. I have worked in apparel and fashion, automotive, banking, retail, academia, startup, insurance, heating and plumping, writing, public speaking, digital marketing agency, consulting, publishing, content writing, blogging industries, with vast success. My ideas and hands on approach is human -centric and customer -centric. Right now i am working as a business consultant, speaker, trainer and author. I also have huge experience in academia as a lecturer in business courses in two countries, as a public speaker in 3 countries, as an international author with a US and a German publishing houses and as a researcher with a US, a Greek and Bangladeshian University. I have writen till now 4 books on business and academic topics, while right now i am writing my 5th, 3 of which have been translated in 8 languages. I have also published 24 scientific research papers on business, academia and engineering topics which have been read, as we speak,  in 140+ countries all over the world. I also am peer reviewer in 6 international journals in three continents. I also was an EFL teacher and i hold a TEFL degree with distinction. My studies include a bachelor's and a master's  degree in engineering, a MBA in industrial management and economics and a master's degree in "decision support and risk analysis" from renowned European Universities. I have also attended multiple master level modules in information systems, while i was unconditionaly accepted in Cardif University UK- management school as PhD student, an offer that i had to decline for professional reasons. Finally, i love speaking and this is why i delivering seminars and especially this period of time, webinars for events and universities from all over the world. By attending my cources and/or my counsultation sessions you will gain experience in both business and academia, experience that will help you excel. So, don't waste more time and enroll in my courses or close a mentoring or consulting appointment with me. I am looking forward to see you online!
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