By Greg Vanderford, Business Consultant

How to be Happy in the Modern World

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How to be Happy in the Modern World

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"Deep in-depth thoughts very helpful and informative. Thank You!" - Donna Fadeley
In this course you will learn to:
Reduce Stress
Increase Happiness
Live with Purpose
Live with Meaning
Re-prioritize Your Life Around What Matters
Achieve Your Dreams
Through my work as a master teacher, entrepreneur, traveler, and spiritual seeker I have gained many insights into human nature. In this course we will learn proven psychological techniques and modes of thinking that are guaranteed to improve your life.
Drawing on the most effective teachings of philosophers, prophets, teachers, and leaders throughout history as well as my experience putting these ideas into practice, we will explore and learn how to stop worrying, improve our effectiveness in whatever endeavor we choose, and live with new meaning and love.
The things you will learn in this course work, it's as simple as that. In addition to my experience, and the words of the greatest teachers in history, we will also draw on modern research that points in the same direction as current and past teachers regarding how to live our lives, what is truly important, and why NOW is always the best time to take action regardless of our current circumstances.
With a master's degree in teaching, minor degree in History, and a voracious reader who has consumed hundreds of books on history, philosophy, literature, and spirituality, I lay out for you the MOST IMPORTANT things that I have learned throughout my life as a seeker.
Many people who know me tell me that I am one of the happiest people they know. In this course, I will tell you WHY.

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  • 10 ways intro

  • Why Everyone is so Stressed

  • Materialism Visualization

  • Reducing Anxiety About Money

  • The Problem with Society

  • Prioritizing Happiness Visualization

  • Why Poor Countries Have Such Happy People

  • Gratitude Visualization

  • The Power of Now

  • Attitude of Gratitude

  • Meditation Visualization

  • Now vs Past Visualization

  • The Happiness Priority

  • Happiness Visualization

  • Exercise is Key

  • Motivation Visualization

  • Living Life with Purpose

  • Living with Purpose Visualization

  • Why it Work Every Time

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Greg Vanderford
Greg VanderfordBusiness Consultant
Hello. My name is Greg Vanderford and I'm a passionate business consultant and teacher. I have spent my entire career learning about, teaching, and practicing business management, sales, public speaking, training, and strategic planning and analysis. My mission is to have a huge impact on my clients by helping them achieve both their short and long term goals in business and life. Whether my client is an individual or large organization, I am passionately committed to their achievement because I believe that our happiness in life, in large part, is derived by what we either individually or collectively achieve through our work, and that building and strengthening positive relationships with all stakeholders throughout the process is one of the keys to success. I hope that you and your organization will choose to benefit from my passion, skill, and experience. Thank you.