How to be an Intelligent Investor

By Greg Vanderford, Business Consultant

Language: English

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With every so-called expert contradicting the next, it can seem impossible to know where to start when it comes to looking for places to put your hard earned money.
But investing intelligently doesn't have to be complicated or mysterious.
In How to be an Intelligent Investor you will learn:
1. Basic investing principles that will never be obsolete
2. How to analyze the intrinsic value of an asset
3. How to know how much to pay for an investment
4. Why most people are so bad with money
5. How to virtually guarantee financial independence for yourself
6. How most wealthy people got that way and you can too
7. How to avoid the most common investing mistakes that people make 
8. How to think about the stock market
9. How to analyze businesses
10. Much more

Course overview - 14

  • Safety of Principle and an Adequate Return

  • The Most Intelligent Investing is the Most Businesslike

  • Lower Risk by Never Overpaying for Investments

  • Why Buy and Hold is Best

  • Introducing Mr. Market

  • What to do When You Don't Know What You're Doing

  • Waiting for a "Fat Pitch"

  • The Power of a Focused Portfolio

  • Diversification in NOT the way to go

  • The Psychology of Investing

  • Must Know Financial Ratios

  • Understanding the 3 Main Financial Statements

  • Evaluating Management

  • Review of Key Ideas

Meet your instructor

Greg Greg
Greg VanderfordBusiness Consultant
Hello. My name is Greg Vanderford and I'm a passionate business consultant and teacher. I have spent my entire career learning about, teaching, and practicing business management, sales, public speaking, training, and strategic planning and analysis. My mission is to have a huge impact on my clients by helping them achieve both their short and long term goals in business and life. Whether my client is an individual or large organization, I am passionately committed to their achievement because I believe that our happiness in life, in large part, is derived by what we either individually or collectively achieve through our work, and that building and strengthening positive relationships with all stakeholders throughout the process is one of the keys to success. I hope that you and your organization will choose to benefit from my passion, skill, and experience. Thank you.