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Healing from Emotional Trauma, Breakups, &Betrayal

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Healing from Emotional Trauma, Breakups, &Betrayal

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Everyone has been hurt in relationships. Few people are able to let that pain go so they can move on with their lives without the past mudding their joy.
People have a tendency to get caught in their anger and pain after they've been hurt. There are mental, emotional, and physical reasons why it is difficult to release this pain.
One area that can make it difficult to release the past is the misunderstanding of what forgiveness is. People often think forgiveness absolves the other person of anything that happened. You’ll discover this is incorrect.
Strategies and exercises to release the past range from recognizing your personal power, nurturing yourself, changing your thoughts, and discovering how to manage your feelings.
In this course, you’ll learn:
● Why forgiveness is crucial to your mental, emotional, and physical health
● How childhood beliefs can interfere with releasing the past
● You have the power within you to release the past
● Forgiveness brings freedom
● Strategies to assist you in forgiving and letting go

Course Overview

  • 1. Understanding What Happens Emotionally

  • 2. Understanding What Happens Physically

  • 3. Understanding What Happens Mentally

  • 4. Module 1 Summary and Reflection

  • 5. What Forgiveness Is Not

  • 6. What Forgiveness Is

  • 7. Module 2 Summary and Reflection

  • 8. Recognize How Powerful You Are

  • 9. Align Your Beliefs to Releasing Pain

  • 10. Think Your Way to Freedom

  • 11. Tame the Pain

  • 12. Changing Behavior

  • 13. Module 3 Summary and Reflection