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Healing Energy Qigong

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Introduction to Healing Energy     Unlock Your Internal Healing Powers Through The Art Of Healing Energy

How to use your mind to remove blockages and boost your energy and remove sickness from the body Learn simple to learn breathing exercises and body movements done to relaxing Chinese music that will remove blockages and re-balance the system.

Course overview - 11

  • Introduction: Beginning of the Universe

  • Forming of Yin and Yang Energy

  • Forming of Yin and Yang Energy Exercise

  • Moving Yin and Yang Energy

  • Practice Moving Yin and Yang Energy Along with me

  • Breathing of the Universe

  • Joining of Yin and Yang Energy

  • Harmony of Universal Energy

  • 7 Steps to New Life Exercise

  • Harvesting Qi

  • The Complete Spring Forest Qi Gong Active Exercise

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