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By Daniela Mellen, Artist & Author

Halloween Watercolor Marshmallow Pops: Sweet & Whimsical

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Course description

Marshmallows are sweet and squishy treats that can be molded into unexpected and festive shapes. Today’s class combines the beauty of watercolor, some Halloween inspired characters, and the candy marshmallow to create paintings of marshmallow pops: ghost, candy corn, jack o’lantern, and Count Dracula. All are reminiscent of traditional Halloween images, but with an aesthetic of a marshmallow. We’ll combine classic Halloween imagery with the rounded features of a puffy marshmallow on a stick. Class includes a template to sketch out all 4 images, plus a Class Supply List. Sketch your images, Paint along with me, and then share your photos. This class is for beginners and we will explore wet on wet techniques and focus on gradual blending of colors. We’ll also create a glaze layer to intensify already painted color in Chapter 18. We’ll work on controlling shapes, but still letting the watercolors flow. Also included is a fun Bonus Class for a marshmallow without a costume.

Course overview - 23

  • Halloween Watercolor Marshmallow Pops

  • Class Supplies

  • Using the Template

  • Ghost Background

  • Enhancing the Shadows

  • Painting the Face

  • Painting Count Dracula

  • Painting the Costume

  • Painting the Hair

  • Painting the Bowtie

  • Painting the Face

  • Painting the Marshmallow Candy Corn

  • Enhancing the Shadows

  • Painting the Yellow Layer

  • Painting the Orange Layer

  • Painting the Face

  • Painting the Marshmallow Jack O'Lantern

  • Adding a Glaze

  • Painting the Face

  • Painting the Stripes

  • Class Wrap Up

  • Bonus Class

  • Support materials

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Daniela Mellen
Daniela MellenArtist & Author
I'm an artist and author living in coastal Florida and surrounded by plants, animals, marine life, and the warm sun - all things that inspire me. I am drawn to creating things and love to get lost in projects. Each day is a opportunity to learn something new, build on existing skills, and branch out to new ones. I was formally trained as a educator which is my passion and incorporating art into teaching makes my life complete. You'll see handmade books, memory keeping, watercolor, acrylic paint, unique art supplies, and photography composition. Thanks for joining me and I look forward to seeing your work.

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