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Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing

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Growth Hacking is considered to be the 'NEXT LEVEL' thing in Digital Marketing. Join the most Happening & latest (2019) Course on Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing. This course will help Boost your Business, Profession and Career to the next level.

Discover how big enterprises like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Uber, Snapchat, Twitter started and the growth hacking techniques they followed and implemented in the initial stages of their startup.

Learn Growthhacks, Growth Hacking Tools, Digital Marketing tools, Marketing strategy, Growth hack marketing & Growth marketing.

The course consists of short & precise videos to learn Growth Hacking the most effective methods to be used in any online Marketing Business.

If you are a Business owner, a Digital Marketer or a student, then you don't want to miss out this opportunity to learn the power of these cool Growth Hacking techniques which can boost the conversion rate, sales, lead generation, Opt-in rate upto 200+%.

The Bonus section includes specific Growth Hacking tools related to SEO, Traffic Acquisition, Lead & Customer Acquisition, Market & user research, Social Media etc.

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★★★★★ Excellent course. Highly recommended. Sessions are very interactive and easy to follow - Nishad

★★★★★ The Trainer has got in depth understanding of the subject and sessions were planned in a structured way and it was a great learning experience - Shivam

★★★★★ An extremely  well planned course, which enables in-depth practical knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing - Hemanth

★★★★★ The amount of quality information on this course is unmatched - Jason

Learn from a Digital Marketing Trainer, Graphic Designer, Growth Hacker, Kapil Chopra (Google Adwords, Analytics, Microsoft Bing, Twitter flight school & Social Media certified from HubSpot Academy).

All Videos are on-screen training so anyone can  easily learn and implement it.

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  • Growth Hacking Lean Marketing Funnel

  • Growth Hacking Tools for Customer Acquisition

  • Growth Hacking Tools for Customer Activation

  • Growth Hacking Tools for Retaining Customers

  • Growth hacking tools for Boosting Revenue

  • Growth Hacking Tools for Customer Referrals

  • Must follow hacks 1

  • Must follow hacks 1Must follow hacks - Part 2

  • Must follow Hacks - Part 3

  • Must follow Hacks - Part 4

  • Must follow Hacks - Part 5

  • Must follow Hacks - Part 6

  • Must follow hacks 7

  • Must follow Hacks- Part 8

  • Must follow Hacks - Part 9

  • Growth Hacking Example 1 AIRBNB

  • AIRBNB Hack

  • Growth Hacking Example 2 Dropbox

  • Dropbox Hack

  • Growth Hacking Example 3 - Twitter

  • Twitter Hack

  • Growth Hacking Example 4 Snapchat

  • Snapchat Hack

  • Growth Hacking Example 5 UBER

  • UBER Hack

  • Growth Hacking Example 6 Pinterest

  • Pinterest Hack

  • Growth Hacking Example 7 - LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn Hack

  • Growth Hacking Example - Instagram

  • Instagram Hack

  • Growth Hacking tools for traffic Acquisition

  • Growth Hacking tools for market research & user research

  • Growth Hacking tool for SEO

  • Growth Hacking tools for Social Media

  • Growth Hacking tool for LinkedIn connections

  • Growth Hacking tools for Lead & customer acquisition

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Kapil ChopraA Digital Marketing Geek
I am an online marketing geek with a strong blend of creative & analytic skills - helping/educating businesses, individuals to grow through strategic methods. Trained more than 40,000 students worldwide. My speciality includes Digital Marketing, Business Plan Execution, Marketing Strategy and Growth Hacking Strategies. I am a fitness freak, a wine buff, football maniac, gadget geek and a digital marketeer.

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