Growing your Twitch TV Brand |

Growing your Twitch TV Brand

By John Valentine, Digital Marketer

Language: English

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In this class I discuss how to grow and develop your Twitch following. I go over on what games to play, networking with streamers, what equipment you need, how often to stream, when to focus on engaging with your audience and much more.

Course overview - 8

  • Introduction - How to Grow on Twitch

  • Unit 1 - Setting a Schedule

  • Unit 2 - Providing Value to your Audience

  • Unit 3 - Networking with other Streamers

  • Unit 4 - What games to play

  • Unit 5 - Interacting with your Viewers

  • Unit 6 - What Equipment You Should Use

  • Unit 7 - Social Media Content Farm

Meet your instructor

John John
John ValentineDigital Marketer
Hello, I'm John. 10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.