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By Jason Gandy, Quantum Courses Instructor

Grow Your T-Shirt Business With Online Marketing

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Course description

Do you run a t-shirt business, but struggling to get traffic or sales?

Welcome to the ‘T-Shirt Business Marketing Masterclass’ online training course!

The print on demand t-shirt business is growing fast, but so is the competition. It’s not only important to create quality designs, but also to market your designs in order to get them noticed in such a crowded space.

This is your guide to marketing & promoting your t-shirt designs online, so you can grow your business and sell more t-shirts. Not only will we cover tons of free strategies to market your t-shirts on social media, but also several methods to promote your t-shirts with paid ads!

Learn tactics to market your t-shirt business on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & more!

Let’s take a look at what we will cover:

- T-Shirt Business Overview

- Optimize Your T-Shirt Sales Page

- Create Professional Image & Video Mockups

- Free Marketing Strategies For Social Media

- Promoting Your T-Shirts With Paid Ads

- And Tons More!

Building a print on demand t-shirt company is one of the best (and easiest) businesses you can start today. And with the right marketing strategies, selling t-shirts online can grow to be a great source of passive income.

So whether you sell t-shirts on Teespring, Merch by Amazon, Redbubble or any other print on demand platform, this course will provide the strategies you need to increase your traffic & sales!

Take a moment to check out the course curriculum & preview videos, so you can see all of the valuable information that we will be discussing. The competition is growing fast, so get started now!

Enroll today and let's get started...

I’ll see you in the course!

Jason G

Course overview - 21

  • T-Shirt Marketing Masterclass | Course Agenda

  • Start A T-Shirt Business | Quick Start Guide

  • Optimize Your T-Shirt Landing Pages | Keywords & Copyrighting

  • Create Professional Mockups | Section Overview

  • Selecting Designs For Your Mockups

  • Access The Mockups Generator | Create Your Account

  • Image Mockups | Create Image Mockups For Your Designs

  • Video Mockups | Create Video Mockups For Your Designs

  • Free Marketing Strategies | Section Overview

  • Website or Blog | Free T-Shirt Marketing Strategies

  • Facebook | Free T-Shirt Marketing Strategies

  • Instagram | Free T-Shirt Marketing Strategies

  • YouTube | Free T-Shirt Marketing Strategies

  • Pinterest | Free T-Shirt Marketing Strategies

  • Paid Ads & Promotions For T-Shirts | Section Overview

  • Facebook Post Boost | Paid Promotions For T-Shirts

  • Facebook Targeted Ads | Paid Promotions For T-Shirts

  • Instagram Ads | Paid Promotions For T-Shirts

  • Google Adwords | Paid Promotions For T-Shirts

  • YouTube Ads | Paid Promotions For T-Shirts

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Jason Gandy
Jason GandyQuantum Courses Instructor
Welcome to Quantum Courses! We are a premier online education company with a vision to provide valuable information to eager learners around the world. Our goal is to bring our students educational content that is not only valuable, but also entertaining! We work to identify topics that benefit both our current and future students. What sets our courses apart is our quality & value. Each course is made to the highest standard, featuring easy to understand, step-by-step training, with zero fluff or filler. Let’s make learning fun again! ---- About The Instructor Jason Gandy is the founder of Quantum Courses, teaching thousands of students around the world topics including online business & stock trading. He is a serial entrepreneur & investor that has built several online businesses over the past decade. He started teaching in college as a kickboxing instructor, and has since taught subjects ranging from women's self defense to online marketing. "I started selling online over 14 years ago by leveraging an online sales channels called eBay. Since then, I have created multiple websites, launched my own branded products, created & edited hundreds of online videos, and have traded stocks & cryptocurrency for over 5 years. I've always been passionate about teaching, whether it’s in person or online. I used to be limited to teach a maximum of 10-30 people in a local kickboxing or self defense class, but teaching online has allowed me to reach over 20,000 students in 150 countries, and growing!"