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Git Training: Step-by-Step Guide to Git Version Control

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This course starts from scratch, you don't need to know anything about Git or version control systems! You'll learn all about installing Git, creating commits, working with branches, pushing to Github, merging features, correct workflow, resolving conflicts, writing custom aliases and much more! And if you do get stuck, you benefit from an extremely fast and friendly support in discussions to the course. Git is the most popular and powerful version control system nowadays. It allows you to control all your file changes and work as a team. Learn all the fundamentals you need to know and benefit from them your whole life as a developer! Specifically you will learn: How to install git How to initialise Git project and adjust basic configuration How to create commits How to check any commit content How to push your code in remote repository on Github What are branches and how to work with them How to merge branches What is the correct workflow with Git What is gitflow and how to use it How to create releases and hotfixes How to create and use tags How to resolve Git conflicts Advanced git commands How to configure git properly How to create own git aliases

Don’t lose any time, gain an edge and start using Git as PRO now! Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to fully understand Git People who are new to version control system

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Course overview - 20

  • Intro

  • Git installation

  • Email and name configuration

  • Initializing git project

  • How to see your changes?

  • Pushing repo to Github

  • Working with branches in git

  • Merging branches in git

  • Uploading and downloading code from Github

  • Correct workflow with git

  • Why do you need releases in git?

  • Why do you need hotfixes in git?

  • Simplifying git workflow with Gitflow

  • What are tags in git?

  • How to resolve merge conflicts in git?

  • How to stash your code in git?

  • How to copy your changes?

  • Configuring git and git aliases

  • My git aliases

  • Prettify git with diff so fancy

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Oleksandr KocherhinWeb developer with 12 years of experience