By Simon Ireson, Pianist, Teacher, Developer

Getting started with Spreadsheets - Google Sheets

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Welcome to my course on spreadsheets, specifically Google Sheets. Most spreadsheet applications behave in the same way so everything you learn on this course will apply wherever you choose to create your numerical masterpiece. My teaching style is very relaxed and I gently introduce each topic in a separate video. After years of working with and training on different software I have found that the go slowly and have a go method is by far the best. With this in mind I have recorded the videos in such a way that you can generally follow along, learning as you go. I start from the very beginning by introducing the application and finding your way around. We then gradually work our way from basic data entry, through formulas, finishing with a semi-complex spreadsheet with nice charts. This course covers: - Data Entry - Formatting - Basic Formulas - Copy and Paste - Basic Functions - Data Validation - Charts - Printing and Sharing The only requirements for this course are a PC or Mac with access to the internet and a Google account. Come with me as we demystify spreadsheets and get you started with Google Sheets.

Course overview - 13

  • Setup

  • Basic Entry

  • Formatting

  • Basic Operations

  • Copy and Paste

  • Basic Functions

  • Long Calculations

  • Profit Margin Sheet

  • Data Validation

  • VLookUp Function

  • Final Spreadsheet

  • Charts

  • Printing and Sharing

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Simon Ireson
Simon IresonPianist, Teacher, Developer
With over 35 years of playing and teaching behind me, as well as a career in software development, I am now enjoying the restful life in Orkney. With performance Diplomas from the Associated Board and the London College of Music, as well as a Masters Degree in Piano Performance, I continue to work hard at improving my playing. Since moving to Orkney I have begun live-streaming my piano as well as teaching piano and software online. I still have a strong passion for encouraging musical development in others as well as keeping current with the latest technology .