German for beginners A1.1

By Mona Metwaly, German instructor

Language: German
German for beginners A1.1

This course is for you

In this course you will learn:

1- 13 forms of greetings used in Germany  and when you can use each form in the correct situation.

2- The numbers from 0  to 100.

3- practicing on numbers.

4- The common phrases like (thank you, yes, no....etc.)

5- the words of fruits (this lesson will give a good command of the usage of definite articles in German.

Course overview - 6

  • Lesson1:Greetings

  • Lesson2: numbers

  • practice on numbers

  • lesson 3: the common phrases

  • Lesson 4: names of fruits.

  • Lesson 7: introduce yourself (sich vorstellen)

Meet your instructor

Mona MetwalyGerman instructor
My name is Mona Metwaly I am a German instructor.I have also worked as a translator and book indexer on many websites. I will teach you German language and in my first course i started with 5 videos which contains the basics of German language. This course will give you the feeling of the language. My plan is to make a course for beginners (A1) Level , then I will start the next step. I will be happy if you use my course to be your start with this beautiful language.