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Firebase Cloud Messaging & Android Notification Styles

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Send push notifications using FCM dashboard & rest api. Receive messages & display with different notification styles.

This course primarily focuses on push notifications. Now push notification has two sides. 1. Formatting message & sending from server end. Now in our case the server end is firebase i.e Firebase Cloud Messaging. 2. Receiving message and displaying it using different notification styles on client side. Firebase Cloud Messaging In this part of the course you are going to learn about following topics- - Sending messages to all users from FCM dashboard - Sending messages to topic based users from FCM dashboard - Configuring request data for FCM rest api - Sending messages to individual users using FCM rest api - Sending messages to topic based users using FCM rest api - Sending messages to group of users using FCM rest api This part of course is useful for indie developers to send notifications to specific users. Also it is useful for back end developers to configure push notification in their project. Android Notification Styles You might have seen applications sending notifications with different styles to engage their users or to make them take action. In this part of the course you will learn different styles of displaying notification. - BigText Notification - BigPicture Notification - Notification Actions - Direct reply Notification - Inbox Style Notification - Message Style Notification You can use these different styles as per your requirement.

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Course overview - 14

  • Course Introduction

  • Course Overview

  • Importance of Push Notifications

  • FCM Configuration

  • Sending your first message!

  • Topic Messages

  • FCM REST Api

  • Big Text Notification Style

  • Big Picture Notification

  • Notification With Actions

  • Direct Reply Notifications

  • Inbox Style Notifications

  • Message Style Notifications

  • Course Conclusion

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