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By Manish Gupta, Chief Financial Officer

Financial Modelling for Business Decisions and making plans

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Course description

Financial modeling, as the name suggests is to create models for making business decisions involving finance. The process helps users make financial decisions and understand their impact on profit & loss statements, ROI, IRR, Cash Flow. In this course, we will teach you key aspects of financial modeling and will be doing a live case study & demonstrating - How do we make assumptions - What inputs are required for making decisions. - How we model decision flow into excel model. - Making 3 Financial statements (Profit & Loss Statement, cash flow, balance sheet) This course will also take you through the process of making assumptions about projections and how to justify them and defend when potential investors may ask questions. By taking this course you will be able to - Evaluate your revenue and cost models. - understand what can breakeven - calculate cash burns and ability to project how much you need. You will get excel template used in the course for follow along.

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Course overview - 19

  • Introduction to the Business Process

  • What is Financial Modelling

  • Starting Point of a Financial Model

  • Key Features of Clear Financial Model and How to Get Started

  • First Steps before Starting to create Financial Model and Linking Business Model

  • CS-1. Starting with the end in mind-Comparative P&L

  • CS-2. Customer Acquisition Model

  • CS-3. Revenue and Cost Models

  • CS-4. Adding Product and modeling labor and other Costs

  • CS-5. Modelling Capital Investments and ROI calculations

  • Resource for Case Study.

  • Excel file for follow-along in future lessons

  • BP-1 Detailed Customer Acquisition Model and Revenue Model

  • BP-2 Cost of Sale Model

  • BP-3 Modelling Labour cost

  • BP-4 Modelling Other Operating Expenses

  • BP-5 Modelling Income Statement and Cash Flows

  • BP-6 Modeling Balance Sheet

  • BP-7. Fixing the errors in the Financial Model and brief of IRR

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Manish Gupta
Manish GuptaChief Financial Officer
Energetic and ambitious Chartered Accountant and Result-oriented Hospitality professional, offering +10 years of extensive experience in Finance, Audit, Risk management, and Hotel Operations. I have hands-on experience in Monthly Reporting, Budgeting, forecasts, P&L analysis, and leading projects. I have led ERP implementation for 16 hotels in our Group. Blessed with a positive attitude and Topline growth approach towards business. Improving productivity and cost efficiencies without compromising quality Entrepreneurial attitude and Passionate about sharing knowledge and experience via online classes and sessions.