Filmmaking: Video Editing with Strategy

By Thomas Eberhard, Film Director and Brand Strategist

Language: English

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Making Film Editing Easy (Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Avid)

This is NOT just another video editing tutorial. In this course I share my findings of several years of experience being a professional editor. There are many tutorials to teach you the skills and software. But there are few courses that teach you a real understanding of Editing nor do they focus on Strategy. That is why I created a course that gives you a strategy to approach every project in a more effective way. I tried to keep it very brief, if there is something you would like to understand better, or have more examples, just get in touch with me! I will be happy to help you! ABOUT ME

My name is Thomas Eberhard. I am a German commercial director /editor who lives in Medellín, Colombia. After styuding in Germany and Spain and moving to Colombia I worked myself into the advertising industry through editing and lately doing more commercial directing work. You can check my work at I love sharing my experiences and helping young creatives start. I really wish for this course to be very helpful and motivating! If you want to know more or have questions, please contact me! Cheers, Thomas

Course overview - 9

  • Getting Started With Editing Strategy

  • Uderstand And Define The Editing Style!

  • Do The Cut!

  • The Perfect Song - Don't Waste Time Searching For It

  • Timing, Rhythm And Pace

  • Effects And Transitions - Stick To The Story You Want To Tell!

  • Kill your Darlings! You love it, but do you need it?

  • Revision Checlist - Check Every Detail Before You Send The Video!

  • Class Project - Applying What We Learned

Meet your instructor

Thomas Thomas
Thomas EberhardFilm Director and Brand Strategist
Hello, I'm Thomas. I am a German brand strategist and director for TV commercials who lives in Medellín, Colombia. After studying film in Germany and a semester of audiovisual communication in Valencia, Spain, I moved to South America where I have been living and working in the advertising industry for the last couple of years. I also did a master's degree in "leadership in the creative industries" in Germany. There are many things that I love, like: my wife, brand strategy, directing, music and teaching.

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