By David Svezhintsev, Product Design Lead @ Unfold.Co

Figma For Beginners

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Course description

Figma For Beginners is the only training course that empowers designers by serving distilled information about Figma. ‍After this course you will feel confident using Figma to design new UI interfaces.

Students will be able to:

  1. Operate Figma in an efficient manner.
  2. Understand the concepts of reusable components and styles and apply them throughout their designs.
  3. Build complex UI systems.
  4. Create prototypes and present their work, while shadowing the user and getting real-time feedback.

Related Skills

Course overview - 21

  • Getting Started: Registering a New Account with Figma

  • Download Figma App

  • All About The Cloud

  • How To Actually Delete Files In Figma

  • Teams and Pricing Structure of Figma

  • Creating Projects in Teams and Files

  • User Interface Walkthrough

  • All About Pages

  • Understanding Frames

  • Layers and Different Types of Layers

  • Understanding Components and How to Use Them

  • Basic & Advanced Object Manipulation

  • Constraints - Responsive Layouts

  • Layer Properties

  • Fill Properties and Color Styles

  • Strokes - Borders inside of Figma

  • Layer Effects

  • Grids & Layouts

  • Prototyping & Presenting User Interface to the Client

  • Bonus: Coming up with an iPhone X App & Showing the Whole Workflow

  • Bonus: Starter File

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David Svezhintsev
David SvezhintsevProduct Design Lead @ Unfold.Co
David is a Product Designer at, a digital design agency that designs beautiful brands, websites, and digital products that actually work. Former Front-End Developer and UX Designer at J.B. Hunt, Brothers & Company, Byers Creative. I helped companies like Walmart, Toyota, Remington, Merck and UserWise to solve their problems, as well as individuals/startups like John Amatucci, EndQuote, and BadJupiter to kickstart their successful ventures.