Fashion Illustration Tutorial: Knitwear |

Fashion Illustration Tutorial: Knitwear

By Isabella Johnson, Fashion Designer

Language: English
Fashion Illustration Tutorial: Knitwear

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In this course:

  • you will learn how to draw realistic knitwear
  • you will find out fashion design tips and tricks for beginners
  • you will learn how to draw quick design sketches
  • you will explore free fashion designing software 
  • you will learn cool fashion clothing design templates
  • you will learn how to print fashion design patterns

Fashion design is definitely one of the most prosperous fields in the fashion industry. It suggests various professional opportunities to designers, stylists, artists, and fashion illustrators. 

Do you want to know what are the basic fashion illustration tricks? Check out the tutorial and advance your skills in clothes design!

Course overview - 1

  • Check out this fashion drawing tutorial and discover how to create various types of knitted fabrics!

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