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By Tricia Belmonte, Internet Marketing Professional & Business Owner

Facebook Ads For Beginners in 2020 (Part 2): Building & Executing For Results

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Course description

Learn one of the most effective tools that will help you grow your brand or business in 2020!

Through this fun, entry level, course, you will learn the practical steps to follow in order to build your Facebook ad and get results!

My goal is to help you get as much traffic as you possibly can online through the power of Facebook advertising.

NOTE: if you are brand new to Facebook ads, I suggest starting with PART 1 to learn all the pre-launch steps you should do to discover your keywords, target avatar and more!

What You’ll Learn:

• Step by step on how to choose the best ad type and create your first ad • How to build an email list from an ad • How to retarget people with your ad • Ad basics such as how to duplicate an ad, make edits and check performance • How to set up conversion readings • Simple best practice steps that will help you achieve even better ad results!

Requirements: • Computer with Internet connection • Facebook business page (public figure, local business, company, brand, etc.) • Research completed (so you know your keywords and target audience, have your visuals or videos ready to go, and have an idea of what your ads should say to perform well) • No previous Facebook ads knowledge needed!

Top reasons to take this course: • If you are new to Facebook ads, this is an extremely step-by-step course with lots of details and examples. It is a very thorough program for those at a beginner level. • The instructor is a digital marketing expert who has run multiple ad accounts for various clients in a variety of industries

Course Goal: to help you easily create Facebook ads that get results, without a large budget, without the hassle and without needing to hire a marketing professional!

Related Skills

Course overview - 9

  • How To Choose Your Ad Type

  • Building A Conversion Ad

  • Building a Lead Ad For Lead Generation

  • Results Tracking/Ad Metrics

  • Building A Custom Audience & Retargeting

  • Duplicating & Editing Your Ad

  • Final Tips

  • RECAP/Cheat Sheet

  • Wrap Up & Congrats!

Meet your instructor

Tricia Belmonte
Tricia BelmonteInternet Marketing Professional & Business Owner
I am an Internet marketing specialist with over 20 years of marketing, senior management and business development experience. My passion is helping motivated business owners, coaches, authors, speakers, etc. become authority figures online. My specialties include search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook advertising, content creation, funnels, websites and more. I also specialize in online and in person training and consulting to help professionals upsurge their online results.  Slogan: Empowering businesses to play bigger online  Developed courses: Search Engine Optimization, Facebook advertising, Google My Business, How To Market Out Online Courses  Upcoming Courses: How to develop website content  Consultation: Get clear on what you need to do to build your business online.