Facebook Ads For Beginners (Part 1): Prepping For Your Ad

By Tricia Belmonte, Internet Marketing Professional & Business Owner

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This course is for you

This course is entry level, designed specifically for those looking at how to do the right PREP/Pre-Launch work that will lead to quality Facebook ads that get results. It is Part 1 for beginners, and includes the necessary research steps that will help you prepare your Facebook ad like a pro.

I will walk you through step-by-step what to do in order to best prepare to launch an ad. Walk with me as I do research to find keywords, what’s trending, what my ideal target audience looks like, create copy and create visuals for the ad. I even show you how to locate and view the ads your competition is putting out on Facebook ads!

This is an excellent entry-level course for those new to Facebook advertising or who want to learn tips and tricks in order to improve current Facebook ad results.

No matter where in the world you live, your audience is on Facebook and billions of those people click on ads. Facebook is still the top place to do ads because once you do them well; your ads can get huge results with a very limited budget…and not just any results, results from your ideal target audience.

This is not an advanced level Facebook advertising course for those with huge advertising budgets. This is meant for those starting off, who want to maximize the results they can achieve for as little as possible.

My goal is to help you make as much money as you possibly can online through the power of Facebook advertising.

What You’ll Learn:

• Step by step on how to best prepare, before you start creating your Facebook ad • How to create your target avatar/target audience • How to begin writing and designing your ad


• Computer with Internet connection • Facebook business page (public figure, local business, company, brand, etc.)

Top reasons to take this course:

• If you are new to Facebook ads, this is an extremely step-by-step course with lots of details and examples. • The examples use tools you can access for free • These are the prep strategies I always use to get my clients above average results on my ads

Note: For the next steps on how to build out your ads, use retargeting and create proper split testing, please consider taking Part 2 of this series: “Facebook Ads For Beginners in 2020: Building & Executing For Results.”

Course overview - 12

  • A Few Reasons To Use Facebook Ads

  • Starting Your Research

  • Finding Your Keywords (Part 1)

  • Finding Your Keywords (Part 2)

  • Targeting Like A Pro

  • What's Trending

  • Let's Build Some Ad Copy

  • Using Canva To Create Your Ad Visual

  • What The Heck Is A Pixel Anyway?

  • Pixels In Detail

  • Discovering Your Competitor's Ads

  • Final Words & Best of Success Wishes!

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