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By Ketan Solanki, Product Manager, Analytics & Machine Learning

Excel for Beginners: Real-Life Practical Course with Project in 60 mins

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Course description

Microsoft Excel is the most crucial tool from small businesses to large corporates. This course will guide you to the basic learning of the tool and help you with practical worksheets shared in the course. Even if you are familiar with the tool, I would suggest to give it a try to revise your learning. Please share your thoughts and feedback for me to improve on further courses. In this course, we will be learning topics like formulas, formatting, pivot and charts. Introduction to Excel Understanding the Excel ribbons and its uses Boolean Formula Text Formula Date Formula Reference Formula - VLOOKUP Data tools - removing duplicates and text-to-column Math and Stats tools Pivot table Formatting Charts Enjoy learning excel. Please give me your feedback and suggestions for the courses to come.

Course overview - 8

  • Introduction to Excel and Topics

  • Boolean, Logical and Text Formula

  • Date Formula

  • Reference Formula and Data Tools

  • Math and Stats Formula

  • Introduction to Pivot Table

  • Formatting in Excel

  • Data Visualization - Basic

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Ketan Solanki
Ketan SolankiProduct Manager, Analytics & Machine Learning
-Ketan is passionate about numbers and with 13+ years of comprehensive experience in, all phases of an analytics solution, market research, product development, business planning and sales strategy execution,  makes him one to bet on. - He has strong expertise in analytics roadmap solution, business intelligence, software development lifecycle, education, financial services,  and business relationship management. In addition, effectively analyze business functions in various sectors especially, Telecom, Retail, E-commerce. - He has extensive experience with a variety of statistical and analytic techniques including predictive analytics, clustering techniques, regression, decision trees etc.He has proven expertize in statistics, experimental design & analytics to provide structured and Data-backed recommendations to key stakeholders. - He has advanced data handling with large, complex and disparate data sources to ensure optimisation of data models and even demonstrated experience in delivering complex quantitative analyses to facilitate business decision-making with strong modelling skills and the ability to proactively address issues and opportunities from new and creative perspectives. Strong stakeholder management and communication skills with various stakeholders. Provide leadership and advice on analytics requirements & objectives & influence change. Areas of Expertise:  - Big Data Analytics / Predictive Modelling / Advanced Analytics Modelling / Tools like  R, Python, SAS, SPSS, Minitab and Tableau / Data Audit/ Preparation/ Analysis / Web/ Marketing Analytics - Social Media Activities / Business Intelligence / Market Research / Advanced Excel Modelling - Team Management / Communication Skills / Documentation / Product Management / System Implementation