By Lara Roxana Popa, Writer, Actress, Designer, Creator of TEYXO

Etsy 2021: Learn Etsy From a Top 1% Seller

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Etsy 2021 Masterclass - Exclusive course created by a Top 1% Etsy Seller! Learn to master Etsy in 2021, the importance of branding, SEO, excellent customer service and more. With over 20,000 sales and 5,000 5-star reviews, I own a successful Etsy store for 6 years now and in a time when most sellers were stuck, I made even more money in 2020. It's time to share now with YOU everything that I have learned in this time, with all the tools that I use, all the secrets, tips and tricks. You probably read so much about Etsy already and you are still stuck, right? I know, I've been there! You kept hearing about marketing, SEO and other fancy things, but most people overlook other key elements in building your store. It's not all about SEO and you know it! It's time to learn Etsy from someone who is actually successful on the platform and who has actually tried all the hacks and tips. In this course, you will learn all the steps that you need to take to build and grow your Etsy store, from: Fully setting up and optimizing your Etsy store and listings Discovering your product and your niche The importance of branding Understanding SEO and how Etsy works Marketing and the tools that actually work now Bringing customers back into your store After you will finish this course, you will know how Etsy works and what you need to do to reach the top! No more time wasted on hundreds of SEO courses and growth systems, THIS is what you need to do to become successful on Etsy! Meet you at the top!

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Course overview - 24

  • Introduction

  • Why Etsy?

  • The Basics. Discover Your Product

  • What is Your Niche? Study Your Competition.

  • Find The Core of Your Brand

  • Develop Your Brand Identity

  • Be Consistent. Quality vs Quantity

  • Open Your Shop

  • Make it Shine. First Impression is Everything

  • The Anatomy of a Successful Listing Part 1

  • The Anatomy of a Successful Listing Part 2

  • Shipping & Production Partners

  • Discounts & Free Shipping

  • Using Etsy Ads

  • Another SECRET Revealed

  • Abandoned Cart

  • Bring Your Customers Back Into Your Store

  • Make them buy MORE

  • Understanding How The Search Engine Works

  • The Key To Successful Titles & Tags

  • Brainstorming Keyword Ideas

  • The 5 Essential Rules of Etsy SEO

  • The Importance of Customer Service

  • How to Turn a 1-star Review into a 5-stars Review

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Lara Roxana Popa
Lara Roxana PopaWriter, Actress, Designer, Creator of TEYXO
Professional writer, screenwriter, actress and a passionate entrepreneur who has build a fashion brand in the last 5 years that reached 7 figures. I am very detail orientated and I love creating the narratives and content of my marketing strategy so I have developed numerous skills in the last years as video producing and video editing. I want now to help you reach your full potential in your own business and learn from my own mistakes and journey!