By Taurius Litvinavicius, Businessman

Establish business strategy for an online store

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This course was created to get you started with your first business or first online store business. Throughout the course, you will learn all the fundamentals of online store, you will get some great tips and afterwards you will be able to start your very own online store.

This is not one of those course that tell you, you will go from zero to hero in months, this is a very realistic course and you should be prepared to invest at least 5000 dollars, as the course is oriented towards 5000-20000 dollar range.

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Taurius is a businessman, tech expert and an author - both in video courses and books. He is currently working on establishing a modern web adverts platform and he recently finished a book called "Exploring Blazor". From his wide range of expertise and assertiveness, you will get quick accurate and honest consultations.