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Essentials of HR

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Essentials of HR

Course description

This amazing, top-selling Talent Management, People Management and Human Resource Management (HRM) course teaches you the importance of People Management and the role of HR Professionals and Line Managers. It is part of the Human Resource Fundamentals topic area. It is derived from years working with HR in all kinds of organisations internationally.

Do not even think about it, hit the buy button now as this course will tranform your thinking and put you on a different career trajectory. Some of the simple truths in this course have brought amazing changes to people and their thinking.

It is aimed at you, the HR professional, someone thinking about of studying HR and the line manager who understands the importance of their people.

It focuses on the putting theory into practice. It deep dives into the concepts of Pluralism & Unitarism and looks at key parts of the Line Managers role in HR today.

It focuses on understanding HR. It focuses on key contemporary areas.

The course is critically Important both for line mangers and HR professionals in understanding both of their roles in the Management of People in Organisations today.

It looks at the roles and development of Personnel Management through to HRM in lines with changing business philosophies.

It really helps you get to grips with the very important concepts of Pluralism and Unitarism that are vital to our understanding.

So if you are interested in really understanding the evolution of Talent Management and the key concepts of today, this is for you.

Just a few of the things you' will learn:

  • You learn about why HR changes over time
  • The absolute importance of YOU understanding Pluralism & Unitarism
  • The Role of the Manager in People Management and Human Resource Management
  • You will discover some key Management Styles and why they are different
  • How to motivate staff and the theories of Maslow & Hertzberg in particular
  • The importance of Performance Management in HR
  • You will get some valuable tips of why Appraisals can be difficult
  • Hints and tips to make Appraisals worthwhile and a positive experience for you and others

Improve Your People Management Knowledge

I have no doubt that you will see HR very differently as a result of this course.

You will have valuable insights into why HR is, as it is today.

Regardless of what your level of experience is or type of staff member or manager, this  course is designed to provide you a great understanding of People Management and its development.

If you are currently a staff member or line manager your better understanding will completely revolutionise your understanding and relationship with Human Resource staff.

About the instructor:

Rob Sullivan, is an international academic, researcher and teacher. Rob has taught in many University Business Schools internationally and written widely in all areas of business. He has taught international HR, People Management, Training & Development and Employment Law. He has appeared in Employment Tribunals and advised many Blue Chip companies not only on People Management but has coached and mentored HR Directors and their teams globally. Rob is a mentor with Virgin Group and Business Mentoring Scotland and runs a successful elearning business.

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Course overview - 9

  • Introduction

  • The evolution of HR

  • The classic 'debate'

  • The role of the manager

  • Management Styles

  • Motivating People

  • Performance Management

  • Amazing Appraisals

  • Course Summary

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