Essential English Idioms | "get your hands dirty" | Money & Business

By Michael Honkanen, ASL & English Teacher

Language: English

This course is for you

In this course, we use an essential English idiom as a foundation to improve your English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, and conversation skills.


• CONVERSATION ~ I guide you through multiple conversations using the target idiom. I'll also analyze each conversation and explain how it works using the idiom.

• PRONUNCIATION ~ We improve your pronunciation by practicing at three (3) different speeds.

• DEFINITION ~ I teach the meaning of the idiom using pictures and detailed explanations. Then, we explore similar and opposite expressions which boost your vocabulary and fluency.

• USAGE ~ We explore tips and strategies for using this idiom in different situations. I'll show you how it's used in the past, present, and future tenses.

• PRACTICE ~ We use unique pictures to create sentences and conversations using the target idiom. This helps to see the idiom in action and become more comfortable with its use.

• REVIEW ~ I test your ability to use and understand this idiom with quiz questions that review what was covered in the course. I explain both the correct and incorrect answers.


• Help you master an essential English idiom frequently used by native English speakers

• Improve your English grammar and vocabulary


Course overview - 15

  • Introduction

  • Conversation Introduction

  • Pronunciation Practice (3 Speeds)

  • Definition With Similar & Opposite Expressions

  • Conversation Analysis

  • Usage, Tips, & Strategies

  • Practice, The 4 Types of Sentences In English

  • Practice, Create Idiom Sentences

  • Practice, Create Idiom Conversations

  • Review, Question #1 With Explanation

  • Review, Question #2 With Explanation

  • Review, Question #3 With Explanation

  • Review, Question #4 With Explanation

  • Review, Question #5 With Explanation

  • Final Review

Meet your instructor

Michael Honkanen
Michael HonkanenASL & English Teacher
My courses provide a fun environment in which you can improve your English and American Sign Language (ASL) skills. Since 2012, I have successfully taught customized ASL and English courses to students from around the world.  I have advanced degrees in Spanish and Criminal Justice. Prior to living in SE Asia, I was a U.S. Federal Investigator. Before that, I was a police officer. I'm fluent in English, Spanish, American Sign Language, and Indonesian. I look forward to working with you.