By Valerie Sargent, Professional Emotional Intelligence Coach

Emotional Intelligence & You

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In this course, you will learn some basics of Emotional Intelligence and discover how your emotions can impact your work performance. Learn to recognize your "Moments of Danger" that typically set you off so you can choose to approach things from a different perspective. Identify the stories you tell yourself that aren’t true, and discover how to be more authentically yourself while understanding the actions of others better. Discover the value of a pause, including the different ways you can use a pause to manage your emotions more effectively to take different action. You'll learn when to pause, why to pause, and when to act. Emotional Intelligence is critical to your success, in business and in life! Don't miss out on this course that will start improving all of your relationships today. You will learn: - Gain a basic understanding of Emotional Intelligence and why it is important to you - Identify your Moments of Danger to help determine what causes you to react to situations or people - Learn the "It's in the Pause" ® method to understand how and why to pause for Self-Management

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  • Welcome Message

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?

  • The Four Domains of Emotional Intelligence

  • Moments of Danger

  • Your Inner Monologue and Body Talk

  • It's in the Pause®

  • Conclusion

  • Final Quiz

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Valerie Sargent
Valerie SargentProfessional Emotional Intelligence Coach
Valerie M. Sargent is an Emotional Intelligence Strategist who has a passion for bringing vitality to individuals and organizations. Valerie became an entrepreneur in 2005, and she is an inspirational national speaker, trainer, EQ executive coach and executive consultant, with additional expertise in leadership, customer service and sales. She serves as President of both Valerie M. Sargent, Inc. and Yvette Poole & Associates, and loves helping companies unlock the dynamic power within their employees. Valerie has been a Level I and Level II TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence Certified Trainer since 2013 and she helps companies’ employees obtain a comprehensive understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  through their in depth and targeted company training program, complete with EQ appraisals. Her signature message “It’s in the Pause”®  series enables her to educate others on the need for Self-Management skills to preserve positive relationships in the workplace and beyond. Valerie thrives in taking her clients’ teamwork and communication to inspiring new levels. This expert knows how to bring vitality to individuals and organizations!