By Sorin Amzu, Online Performance Manager

Email Marketing Masterclass

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Learn the ins and outs of email marketing and what the future holds.

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  • Email Types and Lead Nurturing

  • Call To Action and Subject Line

  • The Sending Checklist and The Sending System

  • Metrics

  • Grow Your List

  • Unsubscribers+Solutions

  • SPAM+Promotions Tab

  • Future Trends


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Sorin Amzu
Sorin AmzuOnline Performance Manager
I'm a digital marketing specialist with over 10 years of hands-on experience. My love for teaching has extended into both offline and online situations, with courses ranging from Email Marketing and Social Media to Content Marketing, SEO and Backlinks Outreach. My focus is on providing as much value as I can in a compact and easy to understand course. I create the types of course I would've loved to have when I was just starting out in digital marketing.