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Eastern Philosophy from Buddha to Gandhi

By Greg Vanderford, Business Consultant

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Recent Testimonials: "Hope he comes out with a longer, more detailed one. This is awesome." - Vilde Sjotveit "The content is very informative and interesting." - Kim Tuyen Huynh "I love this stuff. It's so applicable to everyday life!" - Steven Johnson I have studied Eastern Philosophy and religious traditions my entire adult life and have found them to be very useful and applicable in the modern world. For literally hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have been confronted with the problems of survival, raising children, developing relationships, and overcoming endless obstacles on a daily basis. The greatest thinkers of the past have much to teach us about how to deal with these problems psychologically and emotionally. In many cases, they have given us very specific examples and teach us how to apply these strategies to our everyday lives. Eastern Philosophy can help you: 1. Reduce stress 2. Reduce worry 3. Live a more fulfilled life 4. Be happier 5. Accomplish your goals more easily 6. Overcome life's challenges more easily 7. Improve your relationships 8. The list goes on... In this course we will cover all of the above and look at how you can apply the teachings of some of the greatest minds in history to your everyday life.

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Course overview - 16

  • Eastern Philosophy Introduction

  • Teaching of the Buddha: Buddha's Transformation

  • Buddha's Core Teachings

  • Modern Buddhist Philosophy

  • Teaching of Stoics: Who Were the Stoics

  • The Deathbed Exercise

  • The Premeditation of Evils Exercise

  • The Teachings of Gandhi and Hinduism: What is Hinduism?

  • Gandhi and the Principle of Ahimsa

  • Gandhi and the Power of Renunciation

  • Gandhi on Happiness

  • Zen and Taosim: What is Zen?

  • What is Taosim?

  • How Zen Can Improve Your Everyday Life

  • How Taoist Thinking Can Improve Your Everyday Life

  • Conclusion: Practicing the Teachings to Improve Your Life

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Greg Greg
Greg VanderfordBusiness Consultant
Hello. My name is Greg Vanderford and I'm a passionate business consultant and teacher. I have spent my entire career learning about, teaching, and practicing business management, sales, public speaking, training, and strategic planning and analysis. My mission is to have a huge impact on my clients by helping them achieve both their short and long term goals in business and life. Whether my client is an individual or large organization, I am passionately committed to their achievement because I believe that our happiness in life, in large part, is derived by what we either individually or collectively achieve through our work, and that building and strengthening positive relationships with all stakeholders throughout the process is one of the keys to success. I hope that you and your organization will choose to benefit from my passion, skill, and experience. Thank you.

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