By Evangelos Anagnostou, Photographer, Filmmaker

DSLR Photography Basics - From Auto to Manual

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Course description

New to photography? Learn the basics, and take awesome pictures! Join the photographer  Evangelos Anagnostou (@evangelosang) as he analyses the very essentials of photography. Start loving the manual mode and take full control of your DSLR or mirrorless camera. You will learn how to balance the exposure triangle by selecting the right shutter speed, aperture, and iso settings. Discover the power of the composition and get creative with the course project!

Key Lessons Include:

How your camera actually works? How to choose the right camera settings? How to get sharp focus in every situation? How to set your white balance? Understanding the power of the natural light How to get an eye-pleasing composition? Photo editing tips, while I am editing 3 of my photos Why to shoot in RAW and when to shoot in JPEG When to buy a crop sensor camera and when a full-frame one?

This class is perfect for:

- Beginner photographers that want to start their journey in Photography - Intermediate photographers who want to expand their knowledge and go the extra mile. - You that you just want to take better photos!

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Course overview - 13

  • Introduction

  • Course Project

  • How your camera works

  • Exposure Settings

  • Balancing Exposure

  • Composition

  • White Balance

  • Focus modes

  • Lighting

  • Photo editing tips

  • RAW vs JPEG

  • Full Frame vs Crop Factor

  • Conclusion

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Evangelos Anagnostou
Evangelos AnagnostouPhotographer, Filmmaker
I am a professional videographer and photographer based in London . I am passionate about directing, filming and editing my stories. I am making commercial videos for brands, while I am capturing people.  Besides that, I am an online marketer helping companies understand the power of social media, and spread out their message.