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By Helena Praxova, Fine Artist

Drawing Pencil Portraits - Basic Techniques and More

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Course description

This class will teach you how to draw and sketch beautiful pencil portraits. After taking this class, you will gain technical knowledge and you will also know how to apply this knowledge into action! You will be presented with unique exercises that will help you to advance with your skills even further. You will learn: 1st part: Which materials you are most likely to need and how to use them The basics of facial measurements and facial anatomy The basics on how to see the face as three dimensional with the help of shapes, shading and facial planes How to construct the eye, nose, and lips from scratch How to render a portrait using a photo reference from measuring to the last detail 2nd part: Construction of the head Head proportion and measuring Basic shading Hand flexibility

Course overview - 16

  • Supplies

  • Basic measurments and anatomical landmarks

  • Shapes, planes and shading

  • The Eye

  • The Nose

  • The Lips

  • Drawing from the reference pt 1

  • Drawing from the reference pt 2

  • Drawing from the reference pt 3

  • Exercises

  • PART 2 - HOW TO SKETCH PORTRAITS Construction of the head

  • Sketching Portrait - Front View

  • Sketching Portrait - Side view

  • Gesture

  • Quick small heads

  • Conclusion

Meet your instructor

Helena Praxova
Helena PraxovaFine Artist
I have always loved drawing with a pencil, especially faces. As a little kid, I used to draw celebrities and my family and friends would always like my pictures and encouraged me to create more. As I was growing up, my passion radiated towards fantasy and surreal topics and I also started experimenting with watercolor and other different media....so one can say I'm a mixed media artist. I have many years of experience with online and one to one teaching. I have also been creating portrait comission for my customers for years. I have not attended any art school or a long term class, therefore, I'm a self-taught artist. As I believe that anyone can learn anything by themselves, I would love to inspire people and help them out by sharing my knowledge by teaching.