By Michelle Tabares, Illustrator and Cartoonist

Drawing on Location: Let’s Draw at a Cafe!

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Drawing from the comfort of your home is great, but venturing out into the world and drawing in new places is even better. A cafe is a perfect place to explore your creativity, push your artistic boundaries and try your hand at drawing new things.  In this class, we'll explore five different drawing topics that you can draw during your next cafe visit. Each video will give you different ideas on how to draw these various subjects and other considerations to mull over while making your art. We'll also go over what supplies would be most suitable for making art at a cafe.  While you can head over to your favorite local cafe, this is also a wonderful thing to try if you're traveling and want to get a sense of the cafe culture of the area during your trip.  So let's head over to a cafe and get drawing!  All music in this lesson is courtesy of DJ Quads:

Course overview - 7

  • Packing Your Art Supplies

  • Drawing Drinks

  • Drawing Food

  • Drawing People

  • Drawing Objects

  • Drawing the Environment

  • Closing Thoughts

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Michelle Tabares
Michelle TabaresIllustrator and Cartoonist
I've studied a variety of different creative disciplines ranging from graphic design, creative writing and drawing, but at this time I mostly focus on comics and illustration at the classes you'll see from me are a reflection of that. I'm a big believer in harnessing inspiration from a variety of sources and in the importance of trying new things and pushing yourself artistically. The two things I love most about teaching others is how much I end up learning in the process and the other is the rewarding feeling that comes from helping other artists grow creatively. Non-art things I love with an undying passion include; drinking tea, absurdist humor, taking long walks, thrifting, caring for plants and sharing cute kitten photos with people I love.