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By Jahnavi Rathore, freelancer

Draw & Paint Fluffy Clouds: In-depth step by step tutorial with wet into wet techniques

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What you will learn

  • 1. You will also learn, to how to paint dark and even stormy watercolor clouds using the wet into wet technique and some other fun watercolor techniques! 
  • 2. We will cover cloud anatomy, color choices for your sky, wet into wet technique, and practical tips and tricks for beginners and intermediate painters. 
  • 3. Whether you want to observe and paint the sky on its own or integrate your cloud painting skills into a landscape painting,

Course description

Have you ever gazed at the sky clouds and the stars for ours? When we sit down to draw or paint a landscape, we can easily overlook this guy. Hey, guys. I am a watercolour artist from India. In today's class, I wanted to show you how to paint this, or these, rather dramatic but simple watercolor clouds, step by step. And I'm going to use only one color just to show you how you can actually just paint it by focusing on different amounts of water and paint to shape the clouds, step-by-step. 


 This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to paint clouds and the sky. Learn to paint fluffy clouds with watercolors you will learn the skills you need for it in this class. Listen, I cannot hold my excitement any further on. So grab your sketchbooks, brushes, and Let's move on to paint the beautiful fluffy clouds. So I really hope you will join the class.


  • no prerequisites

Course overview - 7

  • Applying wet into wet technique

  • How to paint flully clouds with watercolors_Imagining

  • Let's Paint

  • Shaping Clouds

  • Adding rays, applying negative painting technique, blending

  • Adding Birds to our Painting

  • Finishing up the Painting

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Meet your instructor

Jahnavi  Rathore
Jahnavi Rathorefreelancer
My Goal is to create a meaningful and positive impact in your life by providing quality content to everyone who wants to explore their hobbies and talent to the next level, you can learn Acrylic Painting, Watercolor Painting, Drawing and Sketching, Mandala Art, Origami Craft, Brush Pen Calligraphy and many more, so visualize and apply their learning to real life. I believe that learning should not be a burden, but instead, it should be a fun and interesting process in a creative way. And art and craft is a creative and joyful field, so that students can enjoy the learning process. After learning from me, you can become a Skillful artist and also you can start your own business as well as you can make your art career stronger. I am an engineer by profession and an artist from mind and soul. Art and painting relaxes me and keeps me going everyday. It is like therapy to my mind, soul and heart. My passion for teaching comes form my mother who is a teacher and is an artist herself. I have invested a lot into learning more and more about painting because I believe that art is something which can create endless possibilities for you and give you a different attitude towards everything you see forever. Join me here on my art journey and get yourself immersed in the magical dream that you can create with all the colours in this world! Painting is a lifetime skill that anyone can learn and enjoy. Many happy students are already creating some lovely masterpieces taking my Live and online classes using watercolors and Alcohol Inks! So come be creative with me and enjoy all the compliments to come on your own special art creations you will soon be hanging! With the right instruction and a little bit of practice, you too will soon be able to make your own stunning art pieces! Happy Painting! :-)