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Dog Training - Become A Dog Trainer - Dog Training Career

By Sharon Bolt, Dog Training Expert

Language: English

This course is for you

This course is taught by Sharon Bolt who has been featured in over 40 different local and national newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations. She was featured in the BBC Documentary “Britain’s Most Embarrassing Pets.” and has a monthly slot on BBC Radio, which she's had since 2008, where she answers the listeners’ doggie dilemmas.

Get the knowledge, confidence and dog training methods needed in order to become a professional dog trainer and help your dog/s, rescue centres/dog pounds and other dog owners with their doggy dilemmas with easy dog training techniques.

Realize your dreams, learn simple and highly effective dog training methods, become a professional dog trainer and make a difference in the world with this course.

  • Step-by-step video demonstrations that show you the dog training methods that overcome all the major unwanted dog behaviours we see today.
  • The answers to 10 most commonly asked dog training questions.
  • The answers to 10 most frequently asked puppy training questions.
  • Dog language - learn what dogs are REALLY saying!
  • What to include during a dog training consultation with a client and how to run a professional dog training business with templates for you to use.

Dog Training is NOT rocket science.

Understanding dogs and learning how to give them the right communication is NOT rocket science. Dogs don't want anything fancy or complicated they just want simple, clear, concise communication which is what you'll learn how to do throughout this dog training course.

Dogs live in the present moment which means when given the right information their behaviour changes fast, even if they've been behaving a certain way for a long time.

Once you've learned what dogs are looking for you'll know what to do for life. Dogs speak the same language regardless of age or breed and yes you can teach old dogs new tricks when you know the right dog training methods.

What You Will Get From This Dog Training Course

Do you believe that helping dogs is what you are meant to do, that it feels like your calling and you are motivated to make a difference in the world?

Would you like a job that doesn't feel like work, something that is enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling PLUS you get to help dogs and pay the bills at the same time?

Or would you simply like to have dog training knowledge and methods in order to train your dog? If so, then read on because you're in the right place!

This course is designed for...

  • People that are already employed or self employed (whether it be in a dog related business or other ) who would like to start building a dog training business in their spare time.
  • People who already have a dog related business such as dog walkers, dog groomers, pet sitters etc. who would like to add 'professional dog trainer' to their services and receive business advice.
  • People who dream about becoming a successful dog trainer, would love to work with dogs and be able to pay the bills at the same time.
  • People who are already dog trainers who would like additional dog training knowledge and methods as well as business advice.
  • People who would like more in depth dog training knowledge so that they can best support their own dogs and be able to help friends and family with their dogs too.
  • People who would like to help at a local rescue centre or dog pound and have the dog training knowledge and confidence to do so.

The course focuses on empowering you with the knowledge, confidence and dog training methods that you need in order to change a stressed out dog (and owner!) to a happy and well behaved pooch, using simple, easy and gentle methods that get results fast!

Additionally you'll find out the answers to 10 of the most common puppy and dog training questions so that you know what to say when your client is having difficulty with 1 or more of them.

Plus, you'll learn how to professionally run a dog training business, what to include during a dog training consultation with a client plus what to include when writing confirmation and agreements letters with templates for you to tweak specifically to your business.

By the end of this course you'll have the dog training knowledge, confidence and dog training methods you need in order to start your dog training business.

Please note: There is also a separate business and marketing course, specifically for people who work in the dog industry, that goes hand in hand with this course. For more information see my 'Dog Training - Running A Dog Training Business' course here on Grinfer.

Imagine going to bed looking forward to the next day, that every day is like a weekend and what you are doing is just too enjoyable to be called work that's what you can look forward to after completing this course.

Course overview - 10

  • The Proof Is In The Pudding

  • Here's What You'll Get From This Course

  • Feeding Time - Aggression and Stealing Food

  • The Right Way To Greet A Dog And Stop Jumping Up

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Dog Language - What They're Really Saying!

  • The Answers To 10 Popular Dog Questions You Are Likely To Be Asked

  • The Answers To 10 Common Puppy Training Questions That You'll Likely To Be Asked

  • Dog Training Consultations With Clients

  • Bonus Videos

Meet your instructor

Sharon Bolt
Sharon BoltDog Training Expert
Sharon Bolt is a top dog behaviour expert and counts a number of celebrities among her clients. She was the featured trainer in the BBC Documentary “Britain's Most Embarrassing Pets" and Channel 5’s “When TV Animals go Horribly Wrong”. She has had a regular slot on BBC Radio since 2008 where she answers numerous listeners' doggy dilemmas. Sharon has written three books, recorded three CDs and produced four DVDs that include Dog Training Secrets for Amazing Results; Rescue Dog Training Made Easy; Puppy Training Made Easy; and How to Be a Dog Trainer. Sharon has contributed to more than 50 local and national newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations that regularly call upon her expertise. She is also the co-author of 2 highly acclaimed books; 'Successful Women in Business' and 'Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Running Your Own Business.' Sharon addresses dog training with a positive outlook and mindset that never relies on shouting or hitting. Her holistic approach to dog training includes working with the dog owner and the canine - teaching them how to read and understand their canine's body language and nonverbal communication. Sharon embarked on a self-development journey over 23 years ago due to a mysterious illness that affected her nervous system which made walking very difficult. During her journey she has been awarded diplomas in Nutrition and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), became an accredited Journey Practitioner and Reiki Master and practiced Kinesiology and the Law of Attraction. She had a thriving complementary therapy practice for over 10 years where she helped people with mental, physical, spiritual and emotional problems and healed her nervous system to full working order. Sharon has travelled extensively throughout the world including Australia, America, India and Germany. She lives in England, with her husband and her rescue dog Denzil.