Dog Training 401 Problem Solving |

Dog Training 401 Problem Solving

By Samantha Schinder, Renowned Dog Training Expert

Language: English [CC: English]

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In this course we go over common dog problems dog owners have and how to solve them.  Some of the subjects covered are barking on the leash, nipping, pulling on walks, obsessive barking, and digging.

Course overview - 12

  • Eating Poop

  • Barking on the Leash

  • Counter Surfing

  • Puppy Nipping

  • Digging

  • Jumping on People

  • Anxiety

  • Excessive Barking

  • Begging

  • Door Dashing

  • Dog Parks

  • Aggression and the Case for Hiring a Private Trainer

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Samantha Samantha
Samantha SchinderRenowned Dog Training Expert
Dr. Samantha Schinder, PhD has trained hundreds of dogs in the Tampa Bay area and is excited to be able to reach out and help even more dogs. She specializes in pet obedience, service dog training, and behavioral remediation. She believes in educated, tailored, research-based training methods. If you want solutions to your dog training problems that ACTUALLY WORK, she is the expert you need. Not only does her doctorate prepare her academically for her work, but she is an excellent teacher as well.