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By Shivangi Dubey, Graphic Artist


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Hi & Welcome to DIGITAL PAINTING IN ADOBE PHOTOSHOP : Complete Beginners Guide to paint your Masterpiece - a complete course absolutely for beginners. Step by step guide to help you paint your first Masterpiece in no time. I am Shivangi, your tutor and guide for this course. During this course I am going to teach you on how to color any sketch that you did in Adobe Photoshop like a pro. After getting the hang of it you can implement all of the techniques and strategies that I am going to teach you in your upcoming digital paintings. This will help you in painting your artworks much faster and will make bigger progress, and your art will become more profitable. Isn't it sound of great profit? Believe me: This class is less intimidating than it looks! There is no rocket science in painting a masterpiece and you'll achieve that skill at the end of this course.

What you'll learn - What is Digital Painting to be exact - Best Practices as a Digital Artist - Complete technical insights for Photoshop as Digital Artist - Working with Brushes - Working with layers - Tracing skills for a scanned sketch - Color Blocking Paint Method - Masking Layer Painting Method - Importance of textures

Not only that, I will also explain you on tips and tricks when it comes to digital painting in Adobe Photoshop in just simple way using device and mouse. You can find all the materials you need for this class (the sketches for ref) Join the community! Do you want feedback on your work, share your progress, and connect with other talented digital artists? Confident enough to paint your digital art and share it out with others?

Course overview - 12

  • What Is Digital Painting ?

  • Myth Bursts & Best Practices

  • Know You Software - Basics

  • Working with Layers

  • Selection and Masking

  • Working with Brushes

  • Scanning & Tracing

  • Set Up Layers and Colors

  • Color Blocking Painting Method

  • Masking Painting Method

  • Working with Textures

  • Tips Tricks & Final Touchpoints

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Meet your instructor

Shivangi Dubey
Shivangi DubeyGraphic Artist
I am Shivangi - India based Graphic Artist. Worked with various clients for branding | packaging | online visual indentity - websites and social media. Also being a Graphic Entreprenuer on CreativeMarket with various trendy graphics to shop. Mostly working with illustrations & Graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator. Whether its simple geometric drafting to isometric illustrations or flat and gradient characters. Finds her soul in teaching and making her skills pursued my other to enhance their own skills. So, if you want to grade up your skills Check out my classes for various techniques and skills.