Develop FPS Game in 35 Minutes with C# and Unity3D

By Domen Rajterič, Software / Game Developer

Language: English

This course is for you

Hi! My name is Domen and this is where you start developing 3D games. I created this class on 3D game development to show how easy it really is to start developing your own games. We will learn how to set up the basic prototype of first person shooter game with Unity. During the class, we will discover how to write scripts for the player and other game objects. We will write code from scratch for everything: movement, mouse rotation, shooting and many more. We will see how to set up a simple level and how to add the user interface to the game. We will create different platforms, from bouncy to deadly ones. We will also learn how to trigger transitions between scenes, how to add bonus objects and so much more. If you are up for the challenge, this is the course you. See you in my class!

Course overview - 8

  • Player and Terrain

  • Camera

  • Movement

  • Shooting

  • Level 1

  • Functionality of the Platforms

  • Time Limit

  • Time Bonus

Meet your instructor

Domen Domen
Domen RajteričSoftware / Game Developer