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Design with PowerPoint

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Design with PowerPoint

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PowerPoint. Love it or hate it, it’s a tool that has defined how business is communicated in modern times.

It may be an icon that appears on everyone’s desktop, but how many of us truly know how to create with it?

This course is designed to take you through some of the more obscure but design-focused tools built into PowerPoint.

It’s a course aimed at business users looking to spruce up their next deck, graphic designers looking to bridge into business and anyone with elementary experience in PowerPoint.

Course Overview

  • 1. Case Study

  • 2. Navigating PowerPoint

  • 3. Slide size

  • 4. The Slide Master

  • 5. Setting up your theme

  • 6. The grid

  • 7. Manipulating shapes

  • 8. Format Shape

  • 9. Composite shapes

  • 10. Smart Art

  • 11. Blocking and text

  • 12. Updating the theme

  • 13. Images

  • 14. Review

  • 15. Transitions

  • 16. Slideshow setup

  • 17. Wrapping up

  • 18. Final thoughts

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