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Dealing With Challenges in Agile Distributed Teams

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Dealing With Challenges in Agile Distributed Teams

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Working from home in an agile team sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? Actually...

Distributed teams make it extremely difficult to judge the body language, have one-on-one conversations
or even stop by a colleague's desk.

This leads to rework, stress, and missed deadlines.

Goal of this class:

  • Unlock the power of your agile distributed team

You will learn:

  • Traits of distributed teams (aka remote teams, home office, online scrum teams)
  • Differences of communication between co-located & distributed teams
  • How to build relationships
  • How to establish communication
  • How to reinstate the body language
  • Why osmotic communication is important
  • How to improve meetings

Course Overview

  • 1. Defining Distributed Teams

  • 2. Communicating Within Distributed Teams

  • 3. Dealing with Top 5 Challenges for Distributed Teams

  • 4. Wrapping Up