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CRM: Customer Relationship Management

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In today’s ever more competitive markets, keeping customers is getting more difficult. The evidence shows that customer expectations are getting higher, budgets are tightening, choice is increasing and customer loyalty is becoming harder and harder to win. This course highlights how winning '3D Businesses' do things ‘Dramatically and Demonstrably Differently’ and how you can become more proactive in focusing efforts and resources to create unsurpassable levels of customer retention, loyalty, repeat business, referrals and extra opportunities. ​

What Will I Learn?

'MCR' is definitely not just about CRM systems, but about 'Maximising Customer Relationships'. This means proactively developing relationships that give the best to and get the best from the customers that you want. It’s about proven processes, tools and techniques to engage your customers and maximise opportunities with them. During the course, you will learn:

  • How to proactively develop relationships that give the best to and get the best from the customers that you want.
  • How to avoid 12 common CRM mistakes that businesses make.
  • The 7 key ingredients of MCR and how yours measure up.
  • How to develop a proactive approach to focus your time, resources and efforts on the ‘right’ customers.
  • Practical tools and techniques to help you carry out customer attitude surveys, get to know your customers, and identify issues and opportunities.
  • Ways to ensure that you are ‘giving the best to’ your customers and an opportunity to see how you are measuring up in your approach.
  • Proven processes to ‘get personal’ and establish real ‘conversations’ with your customers to help engage and educate them.
  • How to engage and educate your customers, identify their plans, problems and priorities to create more sales.
  • Techniques to help you proactively increase the frequency and/or value of customer spending.
  • A proactive approach to creating more testimonials, referrals and recommendations from your happy customers.
  • How to develop Your Own MCR Plan.

By the end of this course you'll know how to:

  • Review and evaluate your approach to Customer Relationship Management and take the appropriate actions to make improvements to CRM in your business.
  • Get closer to and build stronger and more profitable relationships with your customers.
  • Improve your levels of repeat business, referrals and your profits.
  • Create more referrals, recommendations and testimonials.
  • Prioritise your time, resources and effort on the right customers.
  • Develop a clear plan of action to make this all happen.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone looking to get to grips with the way they deal with their customers. You may be a business owner or director wanting to maximise the effectiveness of your CRM efforts, resources, money and activity, a senior marketing manager looking to review their approach to CRM or a sales or business development person responsible for hitting sales and marketing targets. Equally, you may be someone who simply wants to develop their customer relationship management knowledge and skills for current or future positions.

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Course overview - 19

  • Section 1: Forget CRM, Think MCR

  • Section 2: Maximising Your Customer Relationships

  • Why It's So Important And How So Many Businesses Get It Wrong

  • The 7 Key Ingredients Of Maximising Your Customer Relationships

  • Section 3: Thinking Strategically And Get Focused

  • How Do Your Relationships 'Measure Up'?

  • Review And Refocus Your Approach To Customers

  • Developing Your Plan

  • Section 4: Getting To Know Your Customers

  • How To Get To Know Them: Some Simple Steps

  • Section 5: Giving The Best To Your Customers

  • Get Personal

  • Create Dialogue Not Diatribes

  • Educate Your Customers And Add Value

  • Getting The Best From Your Customers

  • Getting Them To Spend More

  • Customers As An Extra Resource

  • Section 6: Keeping It All Going

  • Your Next Steps

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