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By Paul Banoub, CEO and Business Executive

Creating A Culture Of Learning In Your Organization

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Course description

Learn to build a culture of learning in your organization with this course that teaches you how to structure learning into the culture of your organization so that everyone has a passion for it.

Learning Objectives: 1. How to create a culture of learning in your organization 2. How to maximize your learning every day 3. The responsibilities of senior leadership for building a culture of continuous learning 4. How you can be a true self-learner

In this course, I explore the ways that you can contribute to building a culture of learning in your organization. Not just helping people learn, or driving education and training, but how you can create a firm-wide, global culture that embeds a passion for self-learning and education into the structural fabric of your company. To make learning part of your DNA.

Course overview - 44

  • What To Expect From The Course

  • About Me

  • Why Even Bother?

  • What Learning Used To Be Like

  • How to max your learning as an individual

  • Everyone Says They Are A Self-Learner

  • Online Communities

  • Embedding Learning Into Daily Life

  • Teach It To Learn It

  • Learning New Vs Becoming Expert

  • Listen Faster

  • Tom's Approach

  • The Paid Training Course Is History

  • Develop The Right Mental Habits

  • Make It Easier On Yourself

  • Manager Responsibilities

  • Are You Really A Centre Of Excellence?

  • Learning As Part Of Performance Evaluation

  • Don't Worry If People Leave

  • The Benefits Of A Skilled User Base

  • Push It, Push It, Push It

  • The Golden Hour

  • Internal Mobility

  • Team Secondment

  • Make People Good Enough To Quit

  • Lunch & Learns

  • Personalized Learning Plans

  • Use It Or Lose It

  • Certifiably Great

  • Get A Learning Buddy

  • Senior Leaders Responsibilities

  • Walk It From The Top

  • Learning Wherever, Whenever

  • Show Us The Data

  • Create Learning Champions

  • Gamification

  • Sell, Sell, Sell

  • Don't Block The Useful Sites

  • Create A Varied Library Of Resources

  • Encourage Conferences And Seminars

  • The Feedback Loop

  • Learning Is Expensive

  • Learning Takes Time

  • Concluding Remarks

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Paul Banoub
Paul BanoubCEO and Business Executive
IT Director with almost 20 years across global financial institutions. Experienced in managing global teams in high-pressure environments as well as defining analytics strategy & tooling for cross-functional stakeholders as well as many other programmes with CTOs & CDOs. Passionate about great technology, end-user experience & delivering scalable services in massive enterprises. Speaker, blogger & tech communicator.