Create Racing Game in 45 Minutes with Unity3D and C#

By Domen Rajterič, Software / Game Developer

Language: English

This course is for you

Do you want to develop racing game but don't know how? Hi, my name is Domen and today we will discover how to create racing games with Unity3D and C#. We will learn how to develop car controller and how to implement it in a real game. Racing games are super popular, so why wouldn't we develop one? This class will cover 3 main topics: 1. Prototype - basic car controller code and setup, 2. Main menu - basic user interface with background and buttons, 3. Game - implementing car controller in a real game. We will learn how to setup car controller in Unity, how to write code for it and how to add user interface to the game. With this knowledge you will be able to start developing your own games. You can also join my discord server to connect with other students and share your work: So, if you are willing to learn Unity fundamentals and start game development journey, welcome in my class. :) Download class assets: Vehicles: Tracks: Software required to participate in this class: Unity 3D and Visual Studio, both available for free.

Course overview - 7

  • Player

  • Controller

  • Camera Follow and Mini Jump!

  • Simple Main Menu

  • Race Track!

  • Start, Finish and Timer

  • Class Project

Meet your instructor

Domen Domen
Domen RajteričSoftware / Game Developer