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Create Mobile apps without code using Glide

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In this class, we'll learn how to work with Glide to create Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop apps, without any programming. The app data will be stored on Google sheets and the interface will be designed using Glide. No background knowledge will be necessary although some experience with any spreadsheet software and/or understanding of MVC (Model View Controller) will be helpful. After completing this course, you can begin using Glide and learn how to work with it from day 1 so you could progress in your Glide journey and developer your understanding of more complex techniques from Glide's Website or their YouTube tutorials. In this course, we will be developing an app that allows anybody to: Browse tools: for developing Software (i.e. apps/websites/games) without code Post projects: that were built without code to inspire other makers Discuss: about anything nocode and raise/answer questions like Quora This project covers basic/foundational concepts you need to know to develop apps or develop further knowledge upon.

In this course, you will learn the following concepts: Introduction: Why Glide, How it works and its limitations Sheets integration: How Google Sheets works as your app's backend? Design: Designing your app to fit your needs Relations: Connect one sheet column to another form relationships between different entities or data items ..& much more! Happy building!

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Course overview - 5

  • Things you need to know before we begin

  • Sheets setup and integration with Glide

  • Designing the app

  • Relations

  • Closing thoughts

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