Create a Unique Competitive Advantage for Your Business

By Ken Burke, Entrepreneur

Language: English

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Learning Objectives: 1. How can I identify which aspects of my business are unique and relevant 2. What attributes are commonly used to establish a unique competitive advantage 3. How can I test whether I’ve chosen to highlight the right elements of my business What do you offer your audience that no one else can? Defining your unique competitive advantage is the foundation of a successful business launch. This course equips you with a framework for identifying your company's unique competitive advantage, from surveying the competitive landscape to pinpointing what sets you apart.

Course overview - 10

  • Intro

  • Unique Competitive Advantage Explained

  • Unique Competitive Advantage - Company Examples

  • How to Determine Your Unique Competitive Advantage

  • Step 1 - Evaluate Your Strengths

  • Step 2 - Evaluate Your Competitive Landscape

  • Step 3 - Identify Your Unique Competitive Advantage

  • Step 4 - Test Your Unique Competitive Advantage

  • Common Mistakes

  • Workshop - Unique Competitive Advantage In Action

Meet your instructor

Ken Ken
Ken BurkeEntrepreneur
Ken Burke, founder and CEO of The EntrepreneurNOW! Network, is a speaker, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and author. Ken founded MarketLive, a market-leading, enterprise class eCommerce software platform used by major merchants generating $2b in online sales through the platform. He sold MarketLive to Vista Equity Partners in 2016. Ken recently published his book called, “Propser: 5 Steps to Thriving in Business and Life”. Ken also has a podcast called, “Optimize Your Entrepreneur Brain”, which is available on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts. He earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship from University of Southern California -Marshall School of Business, which later awarded him the honor of Entrepreneur of the Year.