By Romi Fauzan Fauzi, Game Developer & 3D Artist

Create a Point & Click Adventure using Unity 3D

Language: English
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Course description

In this course we will create a short Point & Click Adventure game (Monkey Island, Full Throttle) from scratch in Unity. You will learn about object oriented programming and have an overall better understanding of C#. We will provide you with all the assets needed to create the game (including 3d models, audio), feel free to use these assets in your own games. We will also discuss the concepts and advantages using Object-Oriented approach, such as Inheritance, and also discuss Editor Scripting heavily to create a custom inspector for ease of development. We will also delve into Entity State concept, where every entity instance state can be saved, so it will persist on each sessions, and also we will learn about baking light for the scene. Basic knowledge in C# is a plus, but don't get discouraged, since in most of the lessons, we will start the script from a new one, so anyone can follow it. Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make games
  • Indie game developers
  • Game Developers
  • Game enthusiasts
  • Unity developers

Related Skills

Course overview - 62

  • Project Setup

  • Basic Player Movement

  • Player Movement & Interaction

  • Player Direction

  • Action's Base Class

  • Basic Dialog System

  • Check Mouse over UI

  • Message Dialog Window

  • Item & Database Setup

  • Basic Custom Inspector

  • Item Database Inspector

  • Basic Inventory Setup

  • Inventory Custom Inspector

  • Basic Data Manager

  • Item Action

  • Item Action Inspector

  • Item Action Functionality

  • Message Action Inspector

  • Activate GameObject Action

  • Importing Game Assets

  • Player Animation

  • Animate Action

  • Animation Action Custom Inspector

  • Level Manager

  • Change Scene Action

  • Player Spawn Position

  • Player Spawn Position Inspector

  • NPC Move Action

  • NPC Move Action Custom Inspector

  • Interactable Custom Inspector

  • Entity State Concept

  • Entity System

  • Interactable by Trigger

  • Trigger Interact Custom Inspector

  • Camera Manager

  • Camera Switch Action

  • Inventory UI System

  • Inventory UI Item Description

  • Save System Extension

  • Save Feature Setup

  • Transparent FX

  • Audio Manager

  • Audio Action

  • Create Custom Cursor for Interaction

  • Look Only Interaction

  • Preparing City Scene

  • Preparing Club Hallway

  • Preparing Office

  • Preparing Park

  • Setup Office Cut Scene

  • City Gameplay Setup

  • Additional Item Database Setup

  • Club Hallway Gameplay Setup

  • Park Gameplay Setup

  • Menu Scene Setup

  • Menu Scene Continued

  • In Game Save Menu

  • Saving Thumbnail

  • Add Thumbnail to Load Menu

  • Finishing and Build

  • Player Script Bug Fixing

  • Entities Reset Bug Fix

Meet your instructor

Romi Fauzan Fauzi
Romi Fauzan FauziGame Developer & 3D Artist
Romi Fauzi is a 3D Animator and also a Game Developer with over 10 years of experiences in the industry and has developed a couple games and apps on Playstore. Also has helped several hundreds game developer with his tutorial channel on youtube. Now is a independent game developer, Romi aims to help new game developers learn game development using Unity3D, Blender, 3dsmax & Substance Painter.