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By Omnia Amer, Character artist/ illustrator

Create a Cartoon Character Step by Step with Adobe illustrator!

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Course description

From how to come up with a unique character concept to presenting your final character, you will be learning how to create your own cartoon character from scratch in concise bite-sized lessons. All are welcome to try and explore adobe illustrator for character design .

In this class you’ll learn:

- How to come up with a unique character idea - How to use adobe photoshop to sketch your idea - How to turn your sketch into vector with adobe illustrator. - Color blocking for characters - How to add shading and lighting - Using brushes and patterns for detailing - How to present your character

For this class you’ll need :

- Any sketching software or medium like : traditional sketching, adobe photoshop , procreate……. etc - Adobe illustrator - Any drawing tablet like wacom or genius …….etc

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For more social media link check: https://www.youtube.com/illustratewithomnia https://www.instagram.com/omnia_amer_art/ https://www.behance.net/omniaAmer https://dribbble.com/omniaaliamer

Course overview - 5

  • Basic Shapes

  • Create Face

  • Facial expressions

  • Body poses

  • Final effects

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Meet your instructor

Omnia  Amer
Omnia AmerCharacter artist/ illustrator
Welcome  to my Grinfer channel, i'm Omnia Amer, a digital artist and illustrator for more than 7 years now. through my career i've experienced different design areas ,like printable design , stationary and branding ,pattern design, character design, and even Ux design, but the closest to my heart so far was the character illustration. so i've dedicated myself to this field , and hoping to make a difference by teaching here and sharing what i have learnt with the world !