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Courseology: 3 Days to Your Online Course

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Courseology: 3 Days to Your Online Course

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Is it really possible to launch an online course in only 3 days without any technical knowhow or
professional tools?
Dear soon to be online teacher,
Have you ever thought about generating passive revenue by leveraging your skills and experience?
How about working from home, at your own pace and on your own schedule while also having the
flexibility to do whatever you want through your day?
All of this without needing anything more than a smartphone! (And to be honest, not even that!)
Did you know that 20 000 online instructors are doing exactly that? And that’s the number present on
only one of the dozens online course marketplaces?
Very few of these instructors share their secrets, secrets like the ones I’m going to share with you in this
But before I do that, let me introduce myself.
It wasn’t that long ago when I worked as a programmer in a small city at an even smaller startup. I was
working 2 jobs, constantly having to balance my very full professional life with an almost empty personal
I was quite lazy when doing things I didn’t like and quite enthusiastic about everything I loved doing. In
order to allow my laziness to rule, I created systems that got the “hateful” things done on autopilot while I
spent conscious time on the things I enjoyed doing. When I started doing online trainings, I brought that
systems-on-autopilot mentality with me, creating the conditions that allowed me to launch courses
automatically, without any hassle. When I told this to a friend, he jokingly asked me why I didn’t teach
how to teach, or even better, how to teach on autopilot. Hearing him, I realized we were on to
something. Fast-forward — one year later, I was visiting 15 countries, working only from home, in big
bursts of creative inspiration. I was able to launch courses in as little as 3 days while booking the next
flight to yet another exotic country. All of this, using ready-made templates that freed my mind from the
mundane, allowing me to innovate and create dynamic content through which my students got actual
My motto is “I teach students how to become their own teachers!” and this is what I’m going to do here.
I’m going to show you how you can launch your own online course in only 3 days without any knowhow
even if you don’t *think* you have the tools to do it.
How do I do that?
I’ve developed a unique system that, if followed step-by-step, will enable you to record, produce and
deliver an online course in a maximum of 3 days without any financial investment.
No bullshit! This template is exactly what me and my fellow instructors are using in delivering online
courses and it’s fine-tuned to give you the minimum effective dose that you need in order to publish a
professional online course.
Introducing 3DOC (3 Days to your Online Course)
Below, I’m listing the curriculum of the course. It’s split in 3 days, each full of chapters that take you by
hand and guide you through all the process needed to launch your course. Everything has an estimated
time to completion so you’ll know when to stop a brainstorming session or when to stop learning about
how to deliver and just deliver.
Day 1: Planning the adventure of *their* lifetime
o In Chapter 1 you will identify a much needed, highly sought, easily sold topic for your course. You’ll be
doing this through templates, scoring cards and fill in the blank exercises that will help you quickly
pinpoint that sweet spot that you’ll be passionately teaching.
o Chapter 2 is all about determining tangible outcomes for your students. A 3DOC course is not about
the instructor, it’s about the student and, in this chapter, you will learn what it takes to make that student
happy that he invested in your course.
o Enthralling your audience is done in Chapter 3, where you’ll prepare your curriculum on autopilot using
a ready-made template. There, you will also choose from 3 very different delivery styles after fully
understanding their advantages and disadvantages.
Day 2: Create highly engaging content that mesmerizes your market!
o The second day uses techniques drawn from computer science in order to best leverage your new
knowledge. You start light, first thing in the morning, by building an inspiring bio in Chapter 1.
o Warmed up, you continue by producing highly engaging content that mesmerizes your market using all
the tools from Chapter 2.
o Finally, the end comes with chapter 3, where you’ll learn how to produce a powerful course
presentation, in order to convert visitors into loyal customers. Everything is on autopilot; you don’t even
have to drink your coffee.
Day 3: Produce content that transforms!
o Day 3 is all about delivering. You start by setting a cheap but effective recording studio in Chapter 1.
That’s if you want to invest a few bucks. If you don’t, you have the *free* option.
o Then you learn how to deliver great content in Chapter 2. I’m not a fan of theory, only of applied
“science”. So after reading how to deliver you jump straight to recording: 3, 2, 1, Action!
o And your work is done. Chapter 3 is all about choosing the right price and publishing your magnum
All the chapters have optional steps that enrich your course and provide additional benefits for your
students, but I only recommend taking them after launching your first online course. Also, every chapter
has a warning regarding the biggest mistake people make in that particular section. You have been
warned! :)
All the content comes with practical examples, which gives you a reality anchor, a way to fully grasp
what’s behind the teaching. And when you follow the master template, you’ll realize it gives you the
opportunity (and the push) to create you own videos based on the exact theory taught. You always have
everything you need to know to get to the next step.
The system is project based, which means that you will have to work on your course *while* you watch
the 3DOC materials. That also means that you get your own course after the final video, which will get
you money, followers and fame.
And it takes only 3 days! This means that you’ll also get your *own* course in 3 days!
And this is not all of it.
I’m constantly adding bonuses based on requests from my students.
20% of the content was updated after I tested the course with my first 10 students (5 of which have
successfully launched their own content in 3 days, 2 others in 5 days).
Developing an online course is the next step in the education system. This particular course was
presented at Experiential Educators Europe, at a Toastmasters conference and all over the European
Here’s what others say about my content:
Mihnea Popescu, manager at Atos International knows me personally from one of the live trainings this
course is based on.
"Hello, my name is Mihnea Popescu and I live in Timisoara, where I had the opportunity to meet Bogdan
Vaida. I also participated in some of his courses. I am very glad that I did. At the beginning I was a bit
skeptical about the perspectives he presented, because I was used to a completely different mindset. I
was determined to believe in him blindly at the start and to continue to do so if I had results. In doing so, I
applied his advice and techniques and I realized I had incredible results. I asked myself “what’s
happening?” I continued to listen to him and apply what he said, even though I sometimes disagreed and
thought it wasn’t suited for me. Gradually, I started to understand that there were certain perspectives
that I would never have thought about. Participating in his courses helped me a great deal. I recommend
them to you and in the end you’ll see how happy you are that you’ve been part of them.
Calin Iepure, entrepreneur and consultant in business strategy, moderator of Business Days and
facilitator for the Bootcamp University was very enthusiastic after he went through one of the courses I
created using the 3DOC methodology:
"Hi! I’m Calin Iepure. I met Bogdan Vaida some 4 years ago during the weekly meetings of Timisoara
Toastmasters. Since then I was introduced to his educational programs and I’ve seen how they make our
life, my life and yours and the life of those who participate in them, a lot better. With their help I managed
to better organize my time and become more productive. If you, right now, are interested in personal
development, want to increase your productivity and motivation, I strongly recommend Bogdan’s online
The course is basically a mentorship package and after only 3 days you have a ready-to-go course that
will provide you with passive revenue and all you have to do is click Publish.
So, how much for this powerful money building machine?
It started out as a $297 project but I soon realized that the people that are most interested in launching
their first online course don’t have access to such a financial investment.
I thought well and hard and then I made the following strategic decision.
I’m heavily discounting this course in exchange of a promise from you.
At the end of the course, I’ll ask you for one thing: to give me a link to your online course.
I want to see your hard work come to fruition. I’ll be there for you, every step of the way, and I want to
see you happily launching that course.
Click the button below and you’ll be taken to our secure payment page. All you have to do is Enter Your
Regular Details and complete your investment...
At the same time you have my promise that this training will offer results. And I guarantee it with the full
price of the course!
In other words, if you don’t have the desired results, you don’t pay!
If you’ve finished this course and consider that you have not achieved what you expected from it, I offer
you a 30 days 100% money-back guarantee.
I’m so confident in this product that if you don’t find it amazing, if you’re not 100% satisfied then I’ll gladly
refund you. You get all your money back.
Basically, there’s no risk for you!
Oh, one more thing:
Even though this course is a complete product by itself, I’m constantly adding content to it.
Do you want an interview with serial course creators? Just ask.
Do you want a step by step guide on properly pricing your course? Ask again.
Do you want to know how you can repurpose the content of your course into a written book? I have a
guide for that too.
A lot of goodies are unveiled when students interact with me. All I need to know is what you need in
order to launch your course and all you need to do is to be there, asking me any questions you may have.
Also, since the course is in its initial stages, I'm going to sweeten the deal with a few bonuses (which I
may remove at any time after the initial launch).
a) The 3DOC Master Template
This is a step-by-step template that I used to launch 8 successful courses. All of my students use it as it's
created to easily deliver an online course in only 3 days. After 3 days, you can publish and enjoy time
outside while, at the same time, getting some passive income.
b) The Secret Vault
In the secret vault I’m adding complementary methods showing you how successful online trainers
deliver their courses, what their secret technique is, their studio setup and everything in between. After
the initial launch is done, I’m also adding the case studies and success stories from fellow students who
launched their course with the help of this training.
c) Integrated Coaching
This is something I will remove for sure in the (very) near future. I plan on working closely with the first
few students, the students that interact and that contact me for further advice and clarifications. I will help
you succeed and I'll do this by being at your disposal. Any methods, techniques, delivery advice, support
and anything else you may need, I am here for you.
d) Launch your book on Amazon with 0 additional effort
At the end of the course, you will also get a bonus on how to leverage what you’ve done, in order to
create an “instant” book on Amazon (both in paperback and digital versions). Only this bonus and you’ve
already covered the course’s price.
Remember you’re getting all of this today for just $94,99 and all you have to do is click the button below.
You’ll be taken to our secure payment page. There, Enter Your Regular Details and complete your
Now, what is it going to cost to not own this? You've heard my offer... I have expressed the value to you.
I hope you feel like you can trust me. I've shown you exactly what's going to happen when you decide to
give it a chance today. Remember that you have your 30-day guarantee. You're fully protected. All the
risk is on me. If you're still wondering about this, let's just consider that right now you're standing at a
crossroads and there are two paths.
One of the paths takes you down the road I've just laid out for you where all these great things happen.
Passive income means security. What will happen if you suddenly lose your job? Nothing .. if you have
this passive income on the side. And imagine what would happen if you wouldn't need a job anymore! An
online business is close and within your grasp. Why not earn a few dollars, just to prove to yourself that
you can. And, after that, the flow will come naturally and you'll earn more and more in no time. Or you
can just stay on the road you're on right now and lose the chance to generate a lifetime of passive profit,
which would have prevented you from working so much, not even having time to take a vacation.
Get inside, build your online course in only 3 days and live a stress free life earning money from your
P.S. One important thing to note.. I have opened the doors to this course for a limited time. And I haven’t
decided if it will stay online or if I’ll close the doors at the end!

Course Overview

  • 1. Launch your first mini-course

  • 2. What lies ahead

  • 3. A dive into the template

  • 4. Day 1 Planning the adventure of *their* lifetime Preview

  • 5. Day 2 Create highly engaging content that mesmerizes your market

  • 6. Day 3 Produce content that transforms

  • 7. Bogdan Vaida Video Bio

  • 8. Why You Should Create an Online Course

  • 9. 5 Toxic Mentalities That Prevent Success (1/3)

  • 10. 5 Toxic Mentalities That Prevent Success (2/3)

  • 11. 5 Toxic Mentalities That Prevent Success (3/3)

  • 12. Examples of Video Delivery Styles (1/6)

  • 13. Examples of Video Delivery Styles (2/6)

  • 14. Examples of Video Delivery Styles (3/6)

  • 15. Examples of Video Delivery Styles (4/6)

  • 16. Examples of Video Delivery Styles (5/6)

  • 17. Examples of Video Delivery Styles (6/6)

  • 18. Using ScreenFlow for Your Online Course

  • 19. Equipment for Filming an Online Course

  • 20. Next Steps