By Hussain Mohammed Ashruf, Solutions Architect

Core Java Programming from Scratch to Advanced

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Do you want to learn how to code in Java programming language, learn the basics, compile source code, test, debug and package it and much more? Using your own computer with an internet connection; JDK version 8, Notepad++, Eclipse and Windows. Java is most widely used programming language in the world today per TIOBE index; it is verbose, fast, secure, portable across OSs and memory efficient with garbage collection feature. The number of users and Java projects keep growing constantly. Some statistics to backup: Java 8 (54.6%), Java 7 (40.8%), and the least used is Java 6 (4.6%). Tomcat-86.9%, MySQL-48.3%. Java 11 release is the latest; not covered in this course. Java is used to create Core applications, Desktop applications, Web based applications, Mobile applications and supported on the many other types of devices, software and hardware platforms; popular applications servers Oracle-Weblogic, IBM-Websphere, Apache-Tomcat and Google-Android development platforms supports it. During the course, I will support you with theory and concepts. hands-on demos, quizzes, programming exercises and assignments; to challenge you as a part of learning process. So what you are waiting for; enroll now and I will see you in the course.

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Course overview - 36

  • What is and Why development environment

  • Install JDK8

  • HelloWorld in fav text editor

  • Java Class Outline

  • Java Language Keywords

  • Java Classes at Runtime

  • Variables their Data Types and Scopes

  • Constructors and their Types Recording

  • Java Operators their types and Expressions 1

  • Java Control Statements

  • Getting input data from user

  • Arrays and Loops

  • Setup Development Environment: Part 2

  • Java Methods

  • Access modifers

  • Exception Handling

  • OOP Concepts

  • Abstract Classes and Interfaces

  • Java collections framework

  • Final classes fields methods Constants and Enums

  • Threading Basics

  • Functional Interfaces Lambdas

  • PassingLambdas as Method Arguments

  • Lambda Thread Creation

  • IntStreamTest

  • AverageOfSquares

  • ConvertNamesAndFilter

  • FilterOutVowels

  • PrintListOfIntegers ways

  • FilterPersonsByFemale

  • FilterPersonsByFemale DoubleFilters

  • SortPersonsList

  • AllAnyNoneMatch

  • MinMaxTest

  • Quizzes

  • Concluding message

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Hussain Mohammed Ashruf
Hussain Mohammed AshrufSolutions Architect
Hussain is a UG in Computer Science and Engineering, with decade and half years of global experience in writing Java based web applications in reputed IT companies in India, USA and Canada. Currently employed as a full time full stack Web and Database Developer. He takes pride in one on one mentorship. He has been improving his soft-skills, networking and developing leaderships skills. He feels excited to start his journey as an Instructor and share Industry tech-knowledge, skills and experience with the students.