By Mac Moses Michael, Artist/Youtuber

Masking In Photoshop CC

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What you will learn

  • Perfectly erase background in Photoshop
  • Make difficult selection
  • Change background of an image

Course description

Have you ever found it difficult to erase a background in Photoshop, or trying to make a selection around hair? Well don't worry yourself anymore because this course is here to help. In this course you will learn how to use all of the tools involved in masking background in Photoshop. The amazing aspect about this course is that you don't need any special Photoshop skills. All you need is Photoshop CC to follow along


  • Photoshop CC21 and above

Related Skills

Course overview - 20

  • Introduction To Photoshop

  • Customizing Your Workspace

  • The Remove Background

  • Select Subject

  • The Polygonal Lasso Tool

  • The Lasso Tool

  • Object Selection Tool

  • The Quick Selection Tool

  • The Magic Wand Tool

  • Magic Eraser Tool

  • The Pen Tool

  • Using The Pen Tool

  • The Color Range

  • Layer Mask

  • Select And Mask

  • Erase Background

  • Applying Background

  • Assignment

  • Project Files

  • Conclusion

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Mac Moses Michael
Mac Moses MichaelArtist/Youtuber
Hello, I'm Mac from Kre8tive Pen. I've been into art for about 8years now, I started out with traditional art and switch to digital in 2018, but now I use both medium in creating art. My art style is based on portrait and stylized portrait, I love this art style because I feel like I tell a story about someone when ever am creating an art from that reference. I tried going to art school but what I get from there is not what I wanted, I had to switch over to being a self taught artist. I've never liked the way education works. So I wanted to do something about it. With the classes I produce, I try to separate myself from the general crowd and deliver a class experience rather than some information thrown at a student.