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Comics drawing of a woman in the snow

Language: English
Comics drawing of a woman in the snow

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You would like to learn very efficient tips to ink and color your drawin with Clip Studio Paint? This course is done for you. You will find here the creation of an illustration, from the inking of a sketch to the coloring and the adding of special effects. We are using here Clip Studio Paint, but we also talk about transfering into Photoshop. These different techniques I'm teaching you here are going to give you very efficient tools to create beautiful comic book illustrations.

Course Overview

  • 1. The inking of the drawing, part 1

  • 2. Inking, part 2

  • 3. Coloring, part 1

  • 4. Coloring, part 2

  • 5. Coloring, part 3

  • 6. Completing the coloring