By Damien Barban, Illustrator and storyboard artist

COMIC BOOKS CREATION: The ultimate course

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You want to draw? You want to draw comic books? To learn how to draw anatomy? To know what softwares to use for digital creation, or how to create a comic book from A to B? THIS COURSE IS DONE FOR YOU ! We are going to learn a LOT of things. First, we are going to speak about the history of comic books, where this come from as it will allow you to know where you go. Then we are going to see plenty of technics from the basics with the Anatomy, the frames, the creation of pages, the colors and the movements of the characters. There will be a lot of examples given for every subjects discussed during this course. Assigments will also be provided to incite you to train yourself as the more important point to remind is that regular drill is the key of success and skill improvement. Doing exercices over, and over again will make you more able to draw rapidly and in quality. We are also going to speak about digital creation, especially for colors, as currently all the studio of creation (Marvel, DC, Darkhorse...) are working with softwares and digital techniques. This course is also the opportunity to discuss about graphic tablet and softwares. Get ready for this course and to become the comic book artist you ever wanted to be!

Course overview - 31

  • Introduction to the course

  • History of comic books all over the world

  • Basics of drawing: The face


  • BASICS OF DRAWING: Drawing legs

  • BASICS OF DRAWING: Proportions, muscles

  • BASIC DRAWING: How to draw arms

  • Sketching, the basic techniques

  • Poses and movements


  • Comicbook illustration from the pencil to Photoshop coloring

  • Introduction to color

  • Introduction to waterolor

  • Pencils and watercolor

  • Inking and coloring a Fantasy Orc with CLIP STUDIO PAINT

  • Page setting for comic books

  • Special effects to create while drawing with softwares

  • By-hand technique: the screentone used in Manga

  • Creation of comic book pages, step by step

  • PHOTOSHOP: inking and color technique

  • CLIP STUDIO PAINT: How to use this software

  • CLIP STUDIO PAINT : Example of drawing, inking and coloring

  • Sketching, inking and coloring a warrior

  • SOFTWARE: MotionArtist

  • SOFTWARE: Krita, how to draw with it

  • PHOTOSHOP: How to create a comic book illustration based on a movie poster


  • How to draw in Walking Dead Style

  • IN THE STYLE OF: Sin City of Franck Miller

  • Full explanation step by step

  • Game of Thrones scene draw in a comic book style

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